Revolutionize Your Live Broadcast with High Video Quality and Reliable IP Transmission

Future-proof your live broadcast with 4K&HEVC and 5G IP transmission capacity


Package Your "Studio" and Go

Less cables wiring, less satellite relay cost, less stuffs routine, Sumavision makes compact 4K&HEVC 10-bit HDR unit for “Carry-on” live streaming 5G transmission. The solutions could be deployed widely in UHD content shooting and transmission, live events broadcasting, and moments capturing mobility.

Multi-channel Encoding

Sumavision‘s portable encoders support multiple simultaneous encoding functions, with the frame synchronization technology, ensuring the fluency of multi-channel switching

on-site camera
Suma-TER topology

Time Synchronization

Our portable encoders have integrated frame-level synchronization technology, so it broadcasters can smoothly switch among different cameras and improve viewer watching experience. Sumavision have also developed an advanced time synchronization feature, namely SUMA-TER, to satisfice synchronization requirement that between different devices, even there are deployed in different regions.

Channel Bonding, Public Network Transmission

•  Sumavision own algorithm — CSFTM channel bonding protocol
•  Support 8-channel bonding to ensure the stability and reliability
•  Support SRT, RIST, RTMP network protocols
•  Support 5G/4G/WIFI/LAN/LTE
•  Support cloud live broadcast transmission mode

Rich REMI/Remote Production Tools

Make your production easier with our remote production tools, seamlessly integrated with the SP10 to ensure the most professionally-produced live broadcasts.

Ensure professionally-produced and smoothly-run live broadcasts from anywhere. Sumavision’s Tally Light enables field reporters and camera operators to know instantly when they’re live on air.

Tally Light

IP Pipe gives you remote control over a wide variety of network-based equipment, including PTZ cameras and professional cameras.

With a simple setting up, the IP Pipe connection is managed and worked via Sumavision Media Director Management System, so that synced video feeds from the field to centralized production studios.

Allow reporters to know what's currently on air. Sumavision Video Return enables field crews to see current program feeds and receive teleprompting information during live sessions.

video return

Sumavision Audio Connect offers high-quality and reliable cloud-based audio solutions, enabling news anchors and producers in the station to communicate easily with camera operators and talent in the field.

audio connection image

Make file transfer easier and get your video files back from anywhere. Sumavision File Transferring supports all file formats input and .xavc/.MP4/.MXF formats output with cellular network.

file transfer

"The success of this event owes much to the powerful support from Sumavision, particularly that of low-latency communication and high video quality effects. We look forward to the next live broadcast and the surprises that Sumavision will bring us."

Zhang Ying

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Sumavision portable video production solution enabled TV Cancao Nova to make a reliable transmission between Italy and Brazil during a 12-hour Pentecost live event.

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portable encoders


We can provide you with our portable encoders and rack-mounted devices.

rack-mounted encoders