Sumavision IPTV/OTT system support traditional server architecture and cloud deployment to meet different industry scenes and operators.
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Comprehensive Solution for Your IPTV/OTT Services

Omnimedia Cloud (OMC) Platform is the latest generation convergent platform of IPTV/OTT, which provides multiple features, such as video resources and watching mode diversification, personalized recommendation and contents sharing, extreme user experience, etc.

With this powerful platform, contents from different networks (DVB, OTT, IPTV) can be combined and distributed to various terminals such as TV, PC, tablet, smart phone, meanwhile, video services include Live, VOD, time shift, catch-up, etc.

New Ways to Build Intelligent Community

With the Hospitality OTT Solution, you can provide the best TV entertainment services to your guests by offering SD, HD and even UHD live TV services and movies.

What’s more, this system can provide you with better cost performance and Pay-As-You-Grow capability. Besides, our on-premises installation includes only one 1U universal server, which contains all important software modules, such as BO, Portal, AAA, CDN.

Intelligent Commuity


We provide powerful platform and terminals to help you built a fantastic IPTV/OTT platform.

Omni-media platform