Sumavision high-efficiency FTTH solution

Sumavision FTTH solution helps network operators improve their broadband service with next generation PON technologies to provide user with better internet experience.

As many data-intensive internet services (UHD video, VR, remote learning, etc.) are surrounding our daily life, people demand for higher capacity broadband is increasing. To meet this requirement, network operators are turning to the fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) solution with all-optical network.

Sumavision FTTH solution can help you build an all-optical multi-gigabit network to meet the increasing demand on fast broadband services. Our FTTH solution is using next generation PON technologies like XGS-PON, helping network operators improve their network capacity to 10G and therefore give the subscribers better broadband experience. The transition to FTTH has eluded many operators due to great cost of overhauling legacy networks, while this is about to change with our cost-effective FTTH solution.


Upgrade to 10G network with our next generation GPON/XGS-PON OLT.