160 Gbps

Maximum 160 Gbps data exchange capability, a PON port supports maximum 128 terminals connection.

Great QoS

Integrated DBA dynamic bandwidth allocation, priority control, a variety of traffic classification mechanisms, multi-queue scheduling and other technologies.

Flexible Management

Support SNMP/Console/Telnet/SSH, etc. Cluster management can be realized by our NM3000 system.

L2 Features

Support 802.1Q VLAN function. Support VLAN tag/untag, VLAN passthrough. 1:1 VLAN/ N:1 VLAN/ VLAN aggregation. VLAN priority tags, filtering, TPID modification and other functions.


PN8600-G series GPON OLTs support a variety of network construction modes including FTTH, FTTB, and FTTC to meet various business scenarios such as home access and enterprise access. A physical point only introduces one fiber optic cable to achieve full service access. The PN8600-G series has 4, 8, and 16 GPON versions, which gives them the best flexibility to fit in the existing network.

As an optical access local equipment, it is deployed in the access equipment room or access node and can provide a full service optical access platform. GPON is used to connect ONU devices to access various services of users, and Ethernet is used to access the carrier and core network of each service. Network operators can achieve FTTH access with a single PN8600-G device, with a simple network structure and best agility.