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Due to the rapid growth in demand for Internet video services, bandwidth usage has increased rapidly, and this will continue for a long time. Service operators are expanding their networks to provide premium IP video, 4K/8K video and business services. Distributed Access Architecture (DAA) enables the evolution of coax networks by decentralizing and virtualizing core and network functions. DAA extends the digital processing from the headend to the optical node, and puts the PHY and RF interface in the optical node, so that in each optical node the full spectrum band can be used. At the same time, the analog optical link from the headend to the optical node is replaced by a digital optical link. With the efficiency of digital fiber, it can provide users with super broadband speed, service and experience.

There are two main evolution directions of DAA, Remote-MACPHY and Remote-PHY. One is to move both MAC layer and PHY layer down to the optical node at the same time, and the other is to move PHY layer down to the optical node. In both applications, the PHY layer is moved down to the optical node and show the advantages of DAA. In addition, we also advocate the miniaturization of the optical node and move the optical node closer to the user, which can provide higher bandwidth and reduce the maintenance work and maintenance personnel.

DAA topology

DAA defines the networking of RMD Controller+RMD and vCCAP Core+RPD respectively, which realizes convenient centralized management and flexible deployment. Our DAA combo device supports RMD and RPD mode switch. It is convenient for users to choose and configure.


RC9000 topology

We provide RMD deployment tool - RMD Controller (RC9000). It makes RMD deployment, operation and maintenance more flexible and efficient.

Advantages of RC9000

Support RMD zero touch Provisioning.
Support synchronize information between RC9000 and RMDs in real time.
Support RMD, CM and CPE management.
Support redundancy.
Support batch upgrade RMDs.
Easy to deploy.
Able to be compatible with other vendors’ RMDs

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We provide various of distributed deployment devices for you to enhance your network performance over cable under DOCSIS 3.0 and DOCSIS 3.1 standards.

CC8800 C/F Outdoor R-CMTS
CC8800 D Indoor R-CMTS