iTSCOM made decentralization transformation of their access network architecture to improve their service quality and boost their business.


Decease the amount of hub, save expenditure and space in headend, increase individual bandwidth.


iTS Communications Inc. (iTSCOM), as a well-known MSO in Japan, mainly develops business in Tokyo, Kanagawa and surrounding areas. Its business types cover cable television, terrestrial broadcasting stations, broadband services, and VoIP service. iTSCOM planned to find a new CMTS supplier to help them sustain their existing internet and voice service over HFC network as well as a future transformation into DOCSIS 3.1.

Some primary challenges are:
1. Newly deployed Remote MACPHY devices (RMD) should be compatible with the existing HFC network.
2. A smart management system should be equipped to enable easy configuration and controlling of devices.
3. Devices should earn the prestigious certification from KDDI.

The goal of iTSCOM is to provide multiple services, e.g., broadband, VoIP, through identical devices using their existing HFC network. Meanwhile, they expect to extend their broadband downstream tier to 600 Mbps.

Multiple Services

Deliver broadband and voice service through single device.

Smart Management

Our RMD controller (RC9000) enables an easy and quick configuration for devices scattered across big city.

Comprehensive solution to improve broadband service and diversify business

Onsite deployment of RMD devices in Japan
iTSCOM RMD topology
KDDI certificate

iTSCOM selected Sumavision's Remote MACPHY devices (RMD) to build their distributed access architecture (DAA). This method enables them to split their fiber node, simplify their headend, and diversify their services over simple network. Thanks to the solid quality of our devices, we successfully obtain the necessary certification from KDDI, even if we do not have much experience in Japanese market. Due to the versatility and compatibility of our RMD devices, iTSCOM delivers its broadband and voice services over their existing HFC network, which help iTSCOM save a great amount of cost in the process of DAA evolution. Besides, our devices support smooth expansion to DOCSIS 3.1 spectrum, this provides superlative convenience for the future upgrade.

Moreover, iTSCOM is also using our RMD Controller (RC9000) to enable smart and easy configuration and maintenance of RMD devices that scattered across Tokyo and Kanagawa. iTSCOM deployed our RC9000 in Tokyo and Kanagawa respectively and all the RMD devices can easily obtain configuration files with internet connection. Besides, our RC9000 can provides data from RMD and cable modems to iTSCOM’s network management system, so that they can monitor the status of devices at any time.

In conclusion, given that the strict requirement for product quality in Japan, the success of iTSCOM project demonstrated that our RMD products and DAA solutions is powerful and robust, and we have the ability to help our customers realize DAA evolution and deliver premium broadband and voice service over HFC network.

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