The Leading Global Video Service Solutions Provider

Sumavision (Stock Code:300079), is a worldwide leader of video delivery solutions to broadcast, cable, satellite, internet, mobile and telco video service as well as digital TV, conditional access system, OTT system and remote CMTS. With ground-breaking technologies and innovative concepts, Sumavision aims to achieve outstanding and high-performance products for our customers.

110 +

Offer solutions for over 110 countries and regions

2 billion

Cover more than 2 billion subscribers

143 million

Issued CA cards/licenses more than 143 million

Sumavision Subsidiaries

We are willing to become the most innovative and best digital TV technology partner of global enterprises. Our mission is that everyone in the world will enjoy a better digital life based on our advanced technology, remarkable products and superior services.

Sumavision is committed to building an industry-wide ecosystem. In the future, for the wireless broadband road of Industry 4.0, Sumavision will bring "big data", "broadband China", and the integrated mindset of "vision network service operation" and broadcasting & television business, and create a "cable/wireless network (700M) overall solution". The plan is to create a new ecosystem of broadcasting and television, accelerate the wireless business development of broadcasting and television, actively respond to the challenges, and write a new bright chapter.

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After 10 years of development, Sumavision listed at Shenzhen stock exchange market with code "300079" in 2010. And then, Sumavision began its group operation, including Beijing Sumavision Technologies Co., Ltd., Topvision Technology Co., Ltd., Perfect Sky Pictures Co., Ltd., Beijing Sumavision Payment Technology Co., Ltd., Fuzhou Sumavision Smart Card Co., Ltd., Beijing Sumavision Software Technology Development Co., Ltd., Sumavision USA Holdings, and shareholding companies.