The Solution for Broadcast Transcoding

The transcoding solution support diversified operation modes, different networks, rich services and all the terminals.

Cloud Deployment

Based on the requirements of cloud computing architecture and software transcoding, we propose a comprehensive solution for cloud transcoding.
Supports the UHD video format, HEVC/AVC video processing standard, and has the capability of high-quality and high-density video encoding and transcoding.
With a more flexible and efficient deployment, to help operators quickly achieve a variety of services. Widely used in mobile video, internet video, IPTV, DVB, etc.

transcoding solution topology

Any Format Input/Output & Millisecond Delay

Supports multiple format transcoding, multiple protocol encapsulation, full network input/output of HEVC/AVC and other videos. 
Self-designed transcoding technology with SRT protocol to enable high-density transcoding and fault-free transmission.
The 4K video output supports 10bit/4:2:2/BT.2020/HDR.

Broadcast-Level & Intelligent Processing

High-density intelligent video processing algorithms together with various resolutions and bitrates to realize broadcast-level video quality.
Based on AI technology to achieve bitrate adjustment & parameters enhancement together with improving video quality effectively.

SDM G3.0
SDM V2.0
EMR 3.0


We provide multiple transcoders for you.