Studio Central Management and Director

Sumavision MDT8100/8200 central management system help you easily manage your TV studio devices, e.g., portable encoders, receivers, IP gateways.



With Sumavision MDT8x00 series, users can not only monitor the state of the device, but also see the low-bitrate stream content of the live broadcast and the content of the returned videos.

Grid of video that allow broadcasters to play out up to 16 incoming streams (4 x 4 with a custom layout) on one screen page.

Streaming Input & Output

Rich set of input IP protocols and can receive bunch of incoming streams from Sumavision (portable) encoders through RTMP, RTSP/RTP, SRT, CSFTM, HLS, TS/IP streaming protocols.

It also features video encoding, decoding and transcoding capability, allowing to adapt incoming feeds to the desired output format.

streaming input and output
cluster management

Cluster Management

Sumavision MDT8x00 realize the parameter configuration and cluster management for encoders/decoders/IP gateways. It can realize the unit's registration, online, offline, parameters configuration. transforms remote live video production and news gathering by enabling an operator to manage and control a large amount of devices through the intuitive web-based user interface of a single tool.


MDT8200 ensure professionally-produced and smoothly-run live broadcasts from anywhere.

Integration of Tally light (know when it is live on air instantly), IFB (communicate easily with camera operators), Video Return (See what's currently on air), IP Pipe (gives you remote control over various of PTZ cameras).

video return icon

Video Return

audio connection icon

Audio Connection

tally light icon

Tally Light

IP Pipe

receiver and SDI output

Receiver and SDI Output

The system also can work as a transceiver which is a highly versatile encoder/decoder for sharing and receiving multiple live feeds in a cost-effective rackmount unit, the transceiver provides a combined contribution and distribution solution that lets you simplify your operations and widen your reach. Whatever SDI output or re-streaming via any IP protocols.


Track the location of all Sumavision units, automatic refresh the location, bitrate, bandwidth, and network signal strength when unit is online during movement.