Sumavision Makes Intercontinental Transmission for Live Broadcasting

Sumavision helped China Arab TV do a successful live broadcasting of the agricultural products global sharing activity with intercontinental transmission.

China Arab TV, approved by National Media Council of the United Arab Emirates, established its presence in China as a permanent news organization, with the approval of the Information Department of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The success of this event owes much to the powerful support from Sumavision, particularly that of low-latency communication and high video quality effects. We look forward to the next live broadcast and the surprises that Sumavision will bring us.

Zhang Ying CTO of CATV

The Needs

The Event

The agricultural products global sharing activity was held on 8th June in Beijing and Dubai. And as the broadcaster for this event, China-Arab TV (CATV) proposed some requirements for Sumavision, such as interactive local broadcasting, online new media broadcasting, low-latency transmission and so on.

Sumavision provided a professional and comprehensive solution for this live event. In that case, we provide a portable and professional solution with our 5G media backpack and multi-channel decoder, presenting an excellent viewing experience.

The Solution

In Beijing site, one 5G backpack and one MBX100 could realize the video capture, video transmission and video receiving.

For video capture, based on the broadcasting-level encoding chipset of SP10#1, we can process and provide a high-quality video with the format of H.265, 1080P50, 4:2:2 and 10bit.

For video transmission, we use 4 channel bonding function (built-in 3 SIM cards ), named CSFTM protocol, to expand the uplink bandwidth and ensure the stable transmission between Beijing and Dubai. At the same time, we use the second channel to output the live video to bilibili platform with RTMP protocol directly form the SP10#1. In that case, one 5G backpack SP10#1 could realize the real-time interactive and online live broadcasting.

For video receiving, based on the IP gateway & decoding combo device, MBX100#1, we could receive the video with CSFTM protocol form another site and output to the LCD screen for local viewing.

Totally, the end-to-end latency is about 2 seconds, which gives an excellent interactive experience for the audience between Beijing and Dubai.

CSFTM Channel Bonding

CSFTM (Channel Sharing Function) is Sumavision self-designed transport protocol that is tightly integrated with Sumavision encoders and decoders. It can bond up to 8 channels and work together to build a reliable transport link especially for the weak network transmission.

SCAETM Algorithm

SCAETM (Sumavision Channel Adaptive Encoding) can automatically recognize the change of bandwidth and notifies encoders to modify the output video bitrate, therefore, to prevent the quality of transmission from network jitter. When the available bandwidth is limited, the 5G media backpack SP10 will automatically modify the video bitrate to ensure the stable transmission.

Ultra-low Latency

Sumavision SP10 is featured with ultra-low latency, thus bringing lower latency transmission link, which requires the combination with Sumavision decoders used together. Under lab testing, we can reduce the latency to 200 ms with the codec process, making the real-time interaction available.


The SP10 media backpack supports both HD and UHD video encoding. Enabling broadcasters to transmit high-quality video, it bonds LAN, LTE, 4G, 5G, WiFi connections in the pack set, working with Sumavision video switching, IP gateway and remote production, users can set up an end-to-end live transmission link.


The MBX100 platform delivers high capability of encoding, decoding, media gateway, and even baseband contents transmission. What’s more, its security is assured by an FPGA-based design. Both encoding and decoding of uncompressed videos from/to SDI and SMPTE ST-2110 with options for AVC, HEVC or ultra-low latency JPEG-XS codecs. SRT and RIST are also available on encoding/decoding modules.

The Result

Integration of SP10 and MBX100, along with the channel-bonding function, ensures a stable transmission and live broadcasting with high video quality and end-to-end low latency (about 2 seconds). It successfully meets the requirements of real-time interaction, low latency transmission and high video quality, enabling an excellent viewing experience in the whole 5-hours event.

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