Sumavision Helps TV Cancao Nova Make a Successful Pentecost Live

Sumavision portable video production solution enabled TV Cancao Nova to make a reliable transmission between Italy and Brazil during Pentecost live event.

TV Cancao Nova is a Catholic broadcaster of the John Paul II Foundation. TV Cancao Nova produces various of religious programs and deliver them to its audience in the American continent, Western Europe, North Africa and the Middle East via 127 local cable TV operators, 396 re-transmitters, satellite and internet.

The Needs

The Event

Pentecost is one of the most important festivals in the Christian church, and the prestigious broadcaster, TV Cancao Nova from Brazil made a live broadcasting of a Pentecost celebration in Italy on May 18th and May 19th for the local audience in Brazil.

Sumavision provided a professional and complete solution to help TV Cancao Nova make a stable transmission between Italy and Brazil and therefore ensure this live event to be a great success.

The Solution

To make this live event production simply and reliable, TV Cancao Nova chose Sumavision portable live video production solution. The solution consists of 5G field encoder SP03, central management platform MDT8200, and multi-channel decoder 10K215.

In the event venue in Italy, the SP03 ingested 1080P50 video from multiple cameras, encoding them into H.265 stream with a bitrate of 6 Mbps in VBR mode.

The stream was sent via Sumavision proprietary protocol CSFTM (Channel Sharing Function). The protocol enabled four-channel bonding during this event and the built-in algorithm SCAETM (Sumavision Channel Adaptive Encoding) proactively changing encoding bitrate to keep a stable connection during network congestion. These technologies ensured a lasting connection between Italy and Brazil for over 15 hours.

All the video from SP03 was gathered by MDT8200 on the cloud and it transferred the stream to decoder 10K215 in brazil. All the settings of SP03 was controlled by MDT8200 remotely, and the production staff can also have a preview of the picture and monitor the status of connection and device during broadcasting.

On the receiving site, the 10K215 made a simple transformation of the frame rate and display the video as 1080I59.94 to comply with the acceptable format of terminals in Brazil.

During the broadcasting event, MDT8200 enabled the broadcaster to set a precise end-to-end latency down to three seconds. This feature helped TV Cancao Nova do a superb control on the timeliness of the live broadcasting event and gave its audience better watching experience.

CSFTM IP Bonding

CSFTM (Channel Sharing Function) is a Sumavision self-designed protocol that is capable of bonding eight connections together for transmission. Multiple networks, including 4G, 5G, Wi-Fi, ethernet, are available for bonding by using CSFTM protocol.

SCAETM Adaptive Encoding Algorithm

SCAETM (Sumavision Channel Adaptive Encoding) can automatically detect the fluctuation of connection bandwidth and notifies the encoders to modify the output bitrate accordingly. Working with IP bonding protocol CSFTM, this algorithm enables broadcasters to build a reliable connection between cities over unpredictable public network.


SP03 is Sumavision flagship HEVC field encoder. The SP03 supports one HD or UHD up to 2160P60 4:2:2 10bit encoding with broadcast-level chipset and transmission via built-in 5G modules. The SP03 is equipped with multiple network interfaces, including 4G, 5G, ethernet, Wi-Fi and offers super stable connections using Sumavision proprietary IP bonding technology CSFTM. The SP03 also enables multi-camera and various of REMI functions to accommodate any production scenarios.


10K215 is a 1 RU 4K decoder for professional live video production. The 10K215 supports multi-format decoding, H.265, H264, etc., with resolution up to 2160P60 4:2:2 10bit. The 10K215 is a powerful receiver as it supports protocols like SRT, RIST, CSFTM, etc. Furthermore, 10K215 is ready for the promising full-IP architecture due to its ability to output ST 2110-20 stream via 10 G interface.


MDT8200 is a central management system for Sumavision field encoder series (e.g., SP03, SP10). It combines receiving and transmission capabilities with multiple remote production toolkits (e.g., tally light, audio connect, video return, file transfer) and helps broadcasters do cost-effective and eco-friendly live video production. The MDT8200 is cloud-ready which gives the users great flexibility in deployment and using.

The Result

Sumavision portable live video production solution enabled TV Cancao Nova to do a successful live broadcasting of Pentecost celebration. Using our IP bonding technologies, TV Cancao Nova gave its audience premium watching experience on the two-day event with the best video quality and smooth playing.

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