Multiple Formats

Support AVC/H.264, HEVC/H.265, AVS+ Video formats. Support Layer2/Layer3, SumaDA, SumaHQDA V2, SumaHQDA D5.1, SumaHQDA D7.1, DRA Audio formats.


Up to 10UHD/85HD/100SD services transcoding per device.


Support UDP-TS, HTTP-TS, HTTP-FLV, RTMP-FL, HLS, HDS, DASH, SRT, ZIXI, Smooth Streaming, RTSP-RTP etc.

Cloud and Backup

Support cloud management and 1+1, 1+N, N+M backup solution.

High Density Compact Video Processing Platform

SDM G3.0

The brand new video processing platform SDM Gen3.0, the high-density platform is an ideal solution for transcoding, encapsulation, and cluster management of SD, HD and UHD video. The Sumavision compact Self-Design Chassis delivers the flexibility to support any-to-any transcoding (xStream2050), linear ad splicing—and a wide variety of video processing applications, SDI capture card can be installed via PCIe3.0 x16 slots for variety resources gathering, GPU accelerator card help you maximum the processing capability fast and efficiency. The platform also supports complex encapsulation applications for the delivery of both broadcast and next-generation multiscreen services with Sumavision’s Media Gateway  and Cluster Management (xCloud3000).