Modulation Platform


High Performance

6 slots, 6 modules in 1RU
Can realize a low power consumption

Support modulating and scrambling
ITU-T J.83Annex A/B/C, DVB-C compliance

384 frequencies RF outputs in 1RU
Full band range from 45Mhz to 1000MHz

High Density

Secure Backup

Efficient Management

12 RF ports and 256 channels per port
‍Support 10GbE data throughout

Four levels backup ensures long-term fault-free operation

WEB/SNMP control and upgrade
Support ARP, ICMP, IGMP-V1/2/3

Use our equipment to realize professional modulation


IPQAM3.3 (10K511) is the new generation of the Sumavision ultra density Edge-QAM. It has up to 384 frequencies in 1RU chassis, the highest density worldwide. The device is designed as a highly integrated digital video gateway which can modulate and scramble on-demand IP streaming content by using the QT322, 64-unadjacent-channel QAM modulating card. There are 32 un-adjacent channels of each RF output, and 2 RF ports on one module and each of them can be scrambled individually. This equipment also has 16 * SPF+ ports which can support 10G data transmission, and output through any RF port on each modulating card.  

We can also offer another single layer version of this device that can provide up to 128 frequencies, which allows for simpler deployment.


Powerful Function

ITU-T J.83Annex A/B/C, DVB-C compliance
Support various types of VOD server seamless connection

High Performance

Powerful core processing: TS over IP multiplexing, PSI / SI processing, modulation, and up-conversion
Agile full band: 45 - 1000MHz

High Density

Support 32 un-adjacent frequencies QAM modulating
Support 1024 concurrent streams

Efficient Management

WEB/SNMP control system enable easy management
Easy upgrading and standard MIB

SIMPLIFY YOUR Modulation TASKs with Our STANDALONE Product

Sumavision standalone IPQAM 10k511N is a broadcasting-level economical IPQAM modulator using the self-designed algorithm of Sumavision, with cost-efficiency design, un-adjacent frequency, high reliability, high flexibility characteristics and international advanced performance. The product use 1RU chassis structure with 1RF output, 1+1 GE port, support 32 frequencies output. It can be widely used for cable digital television broadcasting and small digital television VOD system.