Powerful Function

Support PSI/SI regeneration, edition, re-multiplexing of inputs streams, and LCN
Individual addressing of advanced terrestrial transmission transmitters

High Performance

Advanced terrestrial transmission modulator interface packets over ASI and IP interfaces
Support Adv.-Terrestrial SFN adaption with MISO support, ideal for transmitter site in both MFN and SFN networks

High Density

Maximum 8 PLP Multiplexing
2GE ports, 2 ASI inputs and 1 ASI output

Efficient Management

10/100/1000BaseT Ethernet port for SNMP and web browser monitoring and control

Create diverse modulation systems with our equipment


The Sumavision 10K511X Adv.-Terrestrial Gateway is a new generation of professional gateway that support synchronization of Adv.-Terrestrial modulators for SFN and MFN broadcasting. This equipment encapsulates one or several MPEG-2/H.264/AVS transport streams that gathering from DVB multiplexer into Adv.-Terrestrial baseband frames. It outputs the resulting Adv.-Terrestrial compliant multiplex using the Advanced Terrestrial Transmission-MI protocol through ASI and IP.