5G JPEG-XS & NDI Portable Encoder Made Debut on Sumavision Stand at IBC 2023

RAI Amsterdam, Netherlands

Hall 1, C45

Traditional video compression algorithms like H.265 and H.264 are flawed for live video production because the high compression ratio always cause too much loss in original information. That is why Sumavision cooperated with NDI® to help improve the video quality in the process of on-site production without adding burden to transmission.

At IBC 2023, Sumavision showcased the cutting-edge on-site video production solution that powered by NDI® 6, a lossless image codec and efficient IP connecting technology, to help TV studio professionals understand how the new technology enable them to improve the video production workflow. One of the most eye-catching products is SC05, a 5G JPEG-XS & NDI portable encoder. This product is the next generation broadcast level high quality 4K NDI®/NDI®|HX/JPEG-XS® encoder/decoder, using the current advanced video coding algorithm, combined with digital video unique advanced processing technology, can achieve excellent video quality at low latency. SC05 can send video source through local/public network by UDP/SRT/RIST/CSF* protocols, and support NDI®|HX and JPEG-XS® for other compatible systems.

Suamvision also showcased a workflow that using JPEG-XS® for live video production. The JPEG-XS® content production codec is a so-called lightweight image coding system that processes video at the microsecond level with line-based latency. This technology is also integrated into SC05, and working with Sumavision S020 IP gateway card (works in MBX100), it can build a lossless live video production workflow to ensure the video quality during the production process.