Sumavision MBX100 & S020, a powerful IP Media Processing Platform

Date: 2023-09-20 Source: Suma Tech

MBX100 front panel

Sumavision MBX100 & S020 is the leading industry's fully IP media processing platform, supporting uncompressed and mezzanine compression HD and UHD, even 8K, video based on ST 2110 and JPEG-XS. Based on the FPGA hardware-based structure, this high-density, scalable platform can enable broadcasters to perform video processing, conversion, display & monitoring mixed services.

MBX100 & S020 performs excellent functions for any video processing, production and playout facility, SDI and IP signal based, including ST 2110/ST 2110-6 processing, JPEG-XS processing, ST 2110 & JPEG-XS IP conversion, HD/UHD up-down conversion and High Dynamic Range (HDR) conversion and adjustment. Besides that, MBX100 & S020 also provides a full-featured production multiviewer and monitoring with audio and IP analysis pips onto displays for the ST2110 and JPEG-XS video.

Also, redundancy and the MBX100 & S020 adheres to the highest ST 2022-7 SMPTE-defined path redundancy standard. Customers benefit from stable stream transmission along with the consistency afforded by hardware-based Precision Time Protocol (PTP) feed synchronization.

Ideal for remote and central live production, MBX100 contains 4 integral IP processing modules, each of which can be assigned a separate application or work mode depending on today's production requirements. For example, it serves one module as ST 2110 processor and another module as extra utility convertor.

MBX100 & S020 is also fully NMOS-compliant, making device discovery and control easy in the all-IP infrastructures, ensuring interoperability with all other standards-compliant equipment, allowing further workflow simplification developments.


1. Flexible & Software-defined Production Module on a Common Platform

Ideal for remote and central live production, MBX100 contains 4 integral IP processing modules, each of which can be assigned a separate application or work mode depending on today's production requirements. Combination with several functional modules, it will significantly reduce the system complexity and meet all the requirements of live events.

Each S020 module supports 32*HD SDI ports and 2*SFP28 over 25Gbe IP links for the video I/O. For system synchronization, it provides IP-based and SDI-based timing tools based on the Black Burst and ST 2059 standards.

MBX100 & S020 is a cost-effective, scalable, broadcasting-level productionplatform, providing software-defined functions with different modules. Alongwith powerful, IP-based video processing, MBX100 & S020 offers all thecapabilities required in today's and future's complex production environments,including UHD/HD ST 2110/ST 2022-6 & JPEG-XS processing, up/down/crossconversion, multiviewer, etc.

MBX100 rear panel interfaces

2. IP Processor for Uncompressed Video System (Baseband SDI over IP)

MBX100 & S020 enables customers to build a scalable, broadcasting-level production and playout system, which serves as IP processor with ST 2110 and ST 2022-6 to meet the all-IP infrastructure.

Uncompressed video signals transported via IP are an essential element of all-IP production system. Many broadcasters and TV studios are going through the SDI-based to the IP-based transformation and upgrade for the benefits of shared equipment economy, interoperability and flexibility. Changing the entire facility to an all-IP infrastructure is no trivial matter, but Sumavision brings the experience and the technology to integrate with existing system and upgrade successfully in the future.

MBX100 & S020 serves as both an SDI over IP gateway and low-latency, all-IP signal processing platform. It processes uncompressed UHD/HD over IP using ST 2110 or ST 2022-6, also assuring the redundancy with 8*25GbE links and equipment synchronization with ST 2022-7 and ST 2059.

MBX100 features

3. IP Processor for Mezzanine compression Video System (JPEG-XS)

Connecting and transmitting uncompressed video in multiple studios, floor, and building of worship is a common networking challenge for broadcasters. It is a huge cost to establish or rent the fiber network. Normally, many broadcasters enable the UHD/HD transmission with the mezzanine compression video solution via JPEG-XS, which is also defined as a production-grade video and give customers a visual lossless experience.

Compared with the one-SDI-per-fiber approach under the ST 2110, JPEG-XS only needs minimum one-twentieth bandwidth resources by combining all SDI video into one fiber transport, receiving all HD video with one fiber and recovering to multiple SDI cables.

MBX100 & S020 is a powerful mezzanine compression video processor, providing advanced JPEG-XS transport at scale, synchronization into the destination facility at each end. With 1RU platform, MBX100+S020 provides 4*UHD or 32*HD paths, via 8*25GbE links, also integrating into LAN network or carrier-provided networks. MBX100+S020 delivers high-quality, low-latency video, audio, ANC info and metadata between studios with JPEG-XS solution.

MBX100 & S020 workflow

4. IP Gateway for the Conversion between ST 2110 and JPEG-XS

With the fast development of all-IP infrastructure, ST 2110 and JPEG-XS videoare more and more popular in broadcaster's production system. With the "lossless" quality and near-zero latency, it will be a sustainable replacement with various advantages over uncompressed video or deep compression video.

Some TV studios normally have several production stations in multiple floors and locations. With the ST 2110 or JPEG-XS "lossless" video, there are some video delivering and dispatching occurred every day and everywhere. Normally, when the production HUB receives the ST 2110 video, they will transfer different IP-based video via ST 2110 or JPEG-XS for different production stations. For example, production station A wants ST 2110 video and production station B wants JPEG-XS corresponding the network bandwidth and different production requirement.

MBX100 & S020 is a powerful IP gateway for the conversion between the ST 2110 and JPEG-XS IP streams. Within each 1RU platform, MBX100 & S020 provides 32 1080p/i IP paths conversion between ST 2110 and JPEG-XS IP via 8*25GbE IP network interfaces. It just serves as a HUB IP switch with selectable ST 2110 and JPEG-XS output, which significantly reduce and simplify ST 2110 or JPEG-XS Rx & Tx and systems. Also, it can integrate the existing ST 2110 system, providing a cost-effective solution for expanding the JPEG-XS workflow.

MBX100 & S020 ST 2110 workflow

5. Up/Down/Cross Conversion and Processing with UHD & HDR

The consumption of Ultra High Definition (UHD) and High Dynamic Range (HDR) by viewers has increased the demand on today's broadcaster and TV studios. They are coming under pressure to compete with UHD and HDR services on cable, satellite, and streaming devices.

The challenge for the production and delivery industry is the processing, manipulation, and delivery of the UHD signal over the various stages of the broadcast delivery chain.  Besides the cameras consumer display devices for UHD, another link in this chain is maintaining a workflow that is flexible, expandable, and adaptable to changing project requirements.

MBX100 & S020 integrates HD/UHD and HDR processing, providing flexible capabilities for customer's critical applications, including HD/UHD up-down conversion and HDR & SDR conversion. This processing platform supports all combination of SDI and IP video I/O across HD/UHD resolution and SDR, HDR-HLG & HDR-PQ, turning the signal you have into the signal you want.

This platform produces up to 8 UHD/HD signals conversion and ingest the video signal with SDI or ST 2110 IP, providing up/down/cross conversion through its own processing module, allowing customers to control all possible resolution and color corrections.

MBX100 cross-converter diagram

6. Multiviewer & Monitoring with ST 2110 and JPEG-XS IP Stream

In today's broadcast workflows, services are delivered in more resolutions, frame rates and formats than ever before, such as UHD/HD, HDR/SDR and IP-based stream. It will bring a display issue for commonly required operations like multiviewing. Also with the existing monitoring and multiviewer system, it will face the serious processing capacity issue with the IP-based ST 2110 and JPEG-XS streams.

Sumavision MBX100 & S020 has the capability to ingest today's services along with an eye toward the future. Each of the S020 module supports up to 2*UHD/9*HD with ST 2110 streams or 9*UHD/16*HD with JPEG-XS streams with the independent 25GbE ports.

Each of the S020 module can be configured to receive UHD/HD with ST 2110 and UHD/HD with JPEG-XS streams and create up to 16 unique multiviewer layouts with SDI output, accompanied by borders, UMD text boxes and other on-screen adornments. In that case, one single unit with 4 S020 modules can provide a cost-effective and feature competitive multiviewer solution to meet all the requirements of UHD/HD and IP-based signals.

MBX100 & S020 multiviewer diagram