Sumavision Supports the CMG New Media Broadcasting of FIFA World Cup 2022

Date: 2022-11-23 Source: Suma Tech

In the last quarter of 2022, there is a greatfeast for all sports lovers worldwide, namely the FIFA World Cup 2022. From Nov.21st to Dec. 18th, 32 talented national football teams will show their techniques in turn, and compete with each other. As the official broadcasting institution, China Media Group (CMG) arranges various of new media platforms, e.g., ChinaMedia Group Mobile, CCTV NEWS, CCTV SPORTS, CCTV.COM, TV channels, e.g., CCTV-1, CCTV-2, CCTV-5, radio channels, e.g., CMG Voice of China, CMG News Radio, CNR Business Radio to conduct multidimensional report of this football feast. CCTV.COM is one of the most important parts of the report for FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, and therefore become one of the most significant platforms for people to watch this great event. Sumavision (Stock Number: 300079) has prepared multiple products, including transcoding system, encoders to help CCTV.COM offer their users a great experience in watching football matches.

Low Bitrate & High Quality

The transcoding system from Sumavision (Stock Number: 300079) is based on CPU plus GPU accelerating technology, supports thousands of channels transcoding through a single device. This enables the low-latency and high-stability of content transmission through internet. Sumavision’s products use unique narrowband compression technology to realize low-bitrate, high-quality HD and 4K programs output. Thus, reducing the program bandwidth more than 50% and not influence the image quality at the same time, which greatly save the resources that used for transmission. Meanwhile, Sumavision’s transcoding system can do dynamic identification based on AI to support system conduct area-specified encoding. By using this technique, encoding resources can be mainly allocated to areas that catch people’s attention, and therefore improve the effect of image. The products support real-time image super-division technology, use machine learning algorithms to dynamically improve image quality and resolution. These techniques effectively resolve the problem of unequal program source quality, enable the users to receive high-quality image.

Cover Entire Industrial Chain

Sumavision's integrated media processing platforms

What's more, Sumavision (Stock Number: 300079) has also supported the UHD broadcasting of Qatar FIFA World Cup by CMG and provincial media groups. Sumavision’s 4K AVS2 encoders, 4K IRDs, etc. UHD equipment and relevant solutions ensure the stable and safe broadcasting of the World Cup in the process of video transmission. Sumavision’s 4K AVS2 encoders use self-designed algorithm database, which support HDR, 60P, BT.2020, etc. full-4K characteristics, and support China HDR standard HDR Vivid and three-dimension audio standard AUDIO Vivid, to provide worldwide audiences a superb experience in watching 4K content. In the meantime, Sumavision’s DTV headend products series have taken more than half of the market share, covering source receiving, multiplexing, scrambling, modulating, etc. core processes, and the integrated media processing platform series have been used widely around the world.

Integrated Media Processing Platform

The integrated media processing platform series of Sumavision (Stock Number: 300079) is divided into integrated source platform and core service platform. The former product supports more than hundreds of modular cards work together, and realizes receiving of multiple sources to form high-density source receiving and processing platform. This product can help operators save their server room space and simplify network topology. The latter product can be used as platform managing node and security core. The product supports 10G multiplexing, which fulfil the requirements of 4K content processing. Besides, it supports china national encryption, ChinaDRM scrambling and encryption algorithms, satisfying diverse requirements in different application scenarios. The product has nine-class program switching function, and supports network gateway function to realize secure separation of platform data, which fits the requirements of high-security in core processing procedure.

For sports matches broadcasting, UHD image can obviously improve watching experience to help audiences see more details of the matches. This can boost the development of UHD industry, trigger deep innovation in the whole industrial chain, and help enlarge the extent of market.