Sumavision Supports the China Media Group(CMG) for the Global Broadcasting of the Beijing Winter Olympics

Date: 2022-02-14 Source: Suma Tech

On February 10, the sixth regular press conference of the Beijing Winter Olympics was held. Yiannis EXARCHOS, CEO of Olympic Broadcasting Service(OBS), mentioned that up to now, the global viewership share of this Winter Olympics has created a new high for the previous Winter Olympics. At the same time, he believes that for the first time in the history of the Olympic Games, the CMG has achieved 4K video production and broadcast of the entire event, and provided 8K ultra-high-definition(UHD) public signals at the opening ceremony, which shows that the CMG has achieved global leadership in broadcasting technology.

Sumavision participated in and supported the construction and launch of all the UHD channels (CCTV-8K UHD, CCTV-16, CCTV-4K) of the CMG. Some time ago, Sumavision provided a series of UHD video related products in the CCTV-8K UHD channel, including 8K UHD codec, monitoring and so on. Among them, the 8K UHD codec adopts the new-generation AVS3 video and audio domestic coding standard.  With excellent hardware platform capabilities and software algorithm, the 8K encoder provided by Sumavision has advantages in business stability and program quality. Also, relying on the Sumavision's own algorithms, this encoder supports a continuously upgrade ability in the future.

(Sumavision 8K UHD Encoder)

Sumavision has always paid attention to the exploration of ultra-high-definition video technology on the scene application.  The 5G UHD studio on the high-speed train of the Beijing Winter Olympics can be seen as a typical innovative application scenario of the combination of 5G and ultra-high-definition. In this scenario, Sumavision uses advanced channel aggregation technology and CSF transmission algorithm to help the CMG to realize the long-term and stable transmission of UHD signals on the high-speed train with a speed of 350 kilometers per hour. At the same time, the 5G + UHD portable broadcast system provided by Sumavision can support multi-camera synchronization and remote production, which could bring a new viewing experience to the audience.

(Source: China Media Group Mobile)

Just as the slogan of the Winter Olympics is "Together to the Future". Sumavision will cooperate with all the customers, including TV stations, operators, and enterprises, to join hands in the development of a larger-scale industry.