Sumavision Supported AR Special & Winter Games 5G Express Provided by China Media Group Won the Silver Prize in Olympic Golden Rings Award

Date: 2022-12-08 Source: Suma Tech

On Nov 30, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) has announced the winners of this year’s prestigious Olympic Golden Rings awards during a ceremony at Olympic House, honouring the best broadcast coverage of the Olympic Winter Games Beijing 2022 in Lausanne, Switzerland.

This award mainly covers the work selection, production team and innovative technology, which recognize TV station and social media platforms that have performed well during the Beijing Winter Olympics.

As China's official media for the games, China Media Group(CMG) won four awards, including gold for Most Sustainable Operation and Best Olympic Programme, and silver for Best Innovation and Set Design and Best On-Air Promotion.

The full list of awards

Gold prize of the Best Olympic Programme: The Olympic and Art Emblem (China Media Group)

Gold prize of the Most Sustainable Operation: Cloud Empowers Olympic Communication (China Media Group)

Silver prize of the Best Innovation and Set Design: AR Special & Winter Games 5G Express (China Media Group)

Silver prize of the Best On-Air Promotion: Together for a wonderful Games (China Media Group)

Sumavision fully supports the construction and application of the AR Special & Winter Games 5G Express for China Media Group. Besides, Sumavision products and solutions are mainly contributed to this project and award.

Sumavision Glass-to-Glass over Fully IP infrastructure

In this project, Sumavision deployed the 4K+5G media backpacks and UHD aggregation gateways at the high-speed train and used the media backpack to do the signals encoding and real-time transmission for the interview videos. The studio in the No. 8 carriage deploys an aggregation gateway for signal reception. And then, the high-speed train studio uses the directing & switching system to do the program production and switching. Finally, all the PGM video contents are transmitted to the CMG studio through the 5G base stations for subsequent production and broadcast. As one of the achievements of Sumavision, our media backpack uses advanced channel aggregation technology and CSF transmission protocol to realize the channel bounding, which solves the rapid movement of the base station and finally realize the stable transmission of 40Mbps UHD video signals on the 350km/h high-speed train.