Sumavision Successfully Supported the Live Broadcast of the National Games in China

Date: 2021-09-29 Source: Suma Tech

On September 27th, the 14th National Games, the highest level and largest comprehensive sports meeting in China, came to a successful conclusion in the ancient capital of Xi 'an, and the China Media Group's broadcasting and reporting work also came to a perfect conclusion. In the past ten days, Sumavision (stock code :300079), along with a series of UHD video products, helped the China Media Group complete the news coverage and broadcasting of the opening ceremony and key events of this Year's National Games, realizing another innovative practice under the strategy of 5G+4K/8K+AI proposed by the China Media Group.

Sumavision (stock code :300079) provided equipment including 5G live backpack, decoder, media gateway and other comprehensive and whole-course technical support for the live broadcast of the National Games. The codec technology of Sumavision can realize video compression/decompression and high-quality transmission business requirements under various transmission conditions such as special line, Internet and 5G, providing the audience with high-quality and stable retransmission sources and presenting the ultimate smooth and clear visual effects. Dozens of 5G live backpacks provided by Sumavision are very impressive. The live backpacks, together with the decoder, are respectively applied to live projects such as remote production, mixed mining area interview, and multi-angle viewing of the stadium. The related acquisition and transmission equipment of Sumavision greatly simplifies the field signal transmission system, and provides the feasibility of immersive on-site acquisition and editing in different positions and angles. At the same time, this backpack has excellent performance in image processing, coding compression, transmission delay, multi-carrier and multi-5G channel converged transmission and other functions, which can meet the requirements of stable, smooth and clear high-quality live broadcast in the process of global transmission and bring users a smooth watching experience.

(Photo source: Xinhua News Agency)

Sumavision Successfully Supported the Live Broadcast of the National Games in China

(Source: Pengpai News)

Sumavision (stock code :300079) has won the bid and supported the 5G+ UHD video project of the China Media Group for many times, including the launch of 4K channel of the China Media Group and the deployment of 13 provinces, the celebration of the 70th anniversary of National Day, the centennial celebration of the founding of the Party, 5G+4K Spring Festival Gala, 5G+4K live broadcast of the National Two sessions, 5G+8K live broadcast and other major events and events. Sumavision is also one of the implementation parties of the "Winter Olympics UHD 8K Digital Broadcasting Technology and System", a key special project of the National key research and development plan "Science and Technology Winter Olympics" led by the China Media Group.

The Games will be the first large-scale application of 5G technology in the country's top sports events, and a preview of the UHD live broadcast of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics. The high-quality video service created by technology innovation force of Sumavision has become the support team of the 4th National Games with the highest specifications, the largest scale and the highest competitive level in China, bringing faster and better viewing experience to the audience. In the future, Sumavision (stock code :300079) will continue to improve its own 4K/8K UHD industrial ecological chain, and jointly build the ecological prosperity of China's UHD video industry with the China Media Group and industry partners.