Sumavision Showcased the DOCSIS 4.0 Products at ANGA COM 2022

Date: 2022-05-11 Source: Suma Tech

From May 10th to 12th, ANGA COM 2022 was held at the Cologne International Convention and Exhibition Center. After more than 20 years of development, ANGA COM has become the world's largest DTV, cable TV, broadband, and the satellite communication exhibitions. This exhibition brings together world-renowned MSO, ISP, broadcaster, and content providers to discuss the development in the future.

At this exhibition, Sumavision showcased DOCSIS 4.0 products for the first time. This product adopts RMD and RPD combo, which can flexibly adapt to various cable networks, greatly reducing the cost and difficulty of network expansion and evolution in the future. Through this technology, it can greatly improve the connection speed of hundreds of millions of home networks around the world. In addition, 10G networks can also achieve higher reliability and lower latency, fully satisfying the needs of consumers. So far, Sumavision has provided domestic and overseas operators with cost-effective broadband access solutions and products for many times. In China, Sumavision has widely supported more than 270 projects and thousands of network reform plans, and has won 70% of the market share. In overseas markets, Sumavision DOCSIS solutions has deployed in many countries and regions, including North America, Germany, India, the Philippines and so on.

Also, Sumavision's 10G video processing platform is used as core multiplexing & scrambling platform + video computing platform + data communication platform, which can adapt to big video processing services under high-speed switching conditions. The platform has a unique video control system, which can meet the needs of 10 Gigabit video processing and switching. In terms of security, based on the national secret algorithm and DRM double encryption, it has powerful computing capabilities to support business virtualization deployment. And based on the cloud-based operation guard system, it can simultaneously monitor the indicators of the system and computer room environment, and provide intelligent security management and control functions such as big data early warning.

Besides that, Sumavision also showed products and solutions such as the IPQAM/Edge-QAM platform, and ultra-high-definition codecs, which attracted the interest and attention of many overseas operators. At present, Sumavision's products and services have entered more than 110 countries and regions around the world, including the United States, Japan, Germany, Russia, France, and Canada. Sumavision actively participates in international exhibitions, promotes its independent innovation products and technologies, and promotes the construction of a development pattern of internal and external linkage, mutual benefit and win-win results.