Sumavision Showcased 5G + UHD Solution at CABSAT 2022

Date: 2022-05-18 Source: Suma Tech

On May 17-19, the CABSAT 2022 was held in Dubai World Trade Center. The CABSAT is the largest exhibition in the Middle East and the third largest show of satellite TV in the world. There are more than 800 exhibitors and brands in this exhibition, covering the entire industrial fields of broadcasting, cable, satellite, content production, management and transmission.

Sumavision has attracted many attentions with the Sports & Live solution, consisting of 5G+UHD portable media backpacks, IP gateways, UHD codecs and other products. At the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, Sumavision supported the China Media Group(CMG) to realize the 4K video production and broadcast of the entire event for the first time, and provided 8K UHD video public signals at the opening ceremony, helping the CMG to lead the live broadcast technology around the world. At the same time, Sumavision is also constantly exploring the application scenarios of UHD video in the broadcasting of sports events, supporting the CMG to build the world's first 5G UHD mobile studio in the high-speed train with the speed of 350 km/h, which created a connection platform between all competition areas, venues, and the media center. Besides that, in the "Hundreds Cities, Thousands Screens" project, Sumavision participated in the formulation and implementation of relevant standards. During the Winter Olympic Games, this project realized 8K UHD video live broadcast simultaneously.

As the world's first portable 8K portable encoder, Sumavision’s 8K backpack is the first device to apply the 8K video encoding and 5G transmission technologies, which greatly improves the efficiency of 8K content production. The 8K media backpack supports image enhancement technology based on AI and Sumavision own core encoding algorithm library, which can ensure high-quality 8K broadcast-level image quality at a bit rate of 200Mbps, and super-low transmission latency. At the same time, based on Sumavision's self-developed CSF transmission protocol, it satisfies the stable transmission of 8K UHD video under the 5G public network, which also reduces some effects from the network packet loss, occlusion, blind spots and so on.

Also at this exhibition, Sumavision’s DAA products adopt the RMD and RPD combo design, which can flexibly adapt to various cable networks and greatly reduce the cost and difficulty of network expansion and evolution in the future for operators. In addition, Sumavision also demonstrated solutions including CAS and DTV headend for cable TV operators, as well as transcoding and OTT/IPTV end-to-end solutions for new media operators. And we are glad to discuss and talk about the future of the video industry with customers from all over the world.