Sumavision Participated in the Formulation of the "High Dynamic Range (HDR) Video Technology" Standard

Date: 2021-09-16 Source: Suma Tech

Recently, the CUVA 005.2-2-2021 "High Dynamic Range (HDR) Video Technology Part 2-2: Application Guide Post-production" standard formulated by the China UHD Video Industry Alliance (CUVA) was officially released and will be available from now on the industry initiated HDR Vivid post-production certification for production organizations. And Sumavision participated in the formulation of this standard.

Sumavision, as a representative enterprise in the UHD video field, already has solutions for the entire industry chain such as acquisition, core transmission and exchange, storage, encoding, transcoding, security and monitoring. In the past 20 years, Sumavision has been deeply involved in the formulation and development of standards and application exploration in many video-related fields including domestic video encoding (AVS), ChinaDRM, DCAS, TVOS, C-DOCSIS, etc. At the same time, Sumavision has participated in the preparation of the "Ultra HD Video Industry Development White Paper" many times before, and has made great contributions to the accumulation of practice and the promotion of the industry.

This technical standard stipulated the post-production process of HDR Vivid content, related software and hardware requirements, and acceptance standards. It is suitable for TV broadcasting, digital film, online TV, HDR Vivid post-production of video materials in network video and other fields.

The standard stipulates the workflow and requirements of 6 processes in the post-production process, including importing program files, automatically generating metadata, monitoring effects, manual adjustment, outputting finished files and generating different specifications for release. This standard will provide standardized support for HDR Vivid content production, and will also help upgrade domestic UHD video content production technology.