Sumavision Contributes to the UHD Live Broadcast for Tokyo Olympics

Date: 2021-07-26 Source: Suma Tech

On July 23, the Tokyo Olympics opened at the Tokyo New National Stadium. This Olympic Games will use 8K broadcast technology in track and field, badminton, football, judo, swimming, volleyball and some selected events.

In order to ensure the stability and smoothness of the UHD live broadcast network of the Olympic Games, Sumavision provided iTSCOM, one of the biggest cable operators in Japan, with broadband solutions and R-CMTS products based on the DOCSIS technology on HFC networks. This solution can greatly increase the user's network bandwidth on the basis of only adding a small amount of equipment deployment, and help the audience to better experience the exciting Olympic games.

At the same time, Sumavision provided a series of UHD video products including EMR 4.0 to support the broadcast of the Tokyo Olympics by LG U+ in Korea. EMR 4.0 provided by Sumavision has 10Gbps processing capabilities, can support 4K/8K UHD videos and multiple backup modes. Also, at the same time, based on a unique hardware architecture, it can ensure the security of program transmission, so as to enhance the safety and quality of the Tokyo Olympics live broadcast.