Sumavision Glass-to-Glass over Fully IP infrastructure

Date: 2021-09-02 Source: Suma Tech

Solution Introduction

IP structure is the trend and broadcast industry continue migrate toward it for its inherent efficiencies. When it comes to on-air and signal transport functionality, compromises can be avoided for customers constrained by multiple vender’s complexity and expecting less-complex systems.

Sumavision Glass-to-Glass fully IP solution combines baseband video and audio processing, compression video and audio, IP networking features into a single space-saving solution. With this solution, customers could choose functions based on specific application needs, spanning playout, production, video encoding, de coding, gateway, switching, and monitoring.

At the head of Sumavision Glass-to-Glass IP solution is the source capture in where a format facility is built to support various content types, multiple standards, and streams for both compressed and uncompressed video.
.Sumavision asset management /playout /production platform fits into all the critical aspects: capture, replay, playout, live editing, storage, logging, scheduling, and content management. Workflows are managed at the component level to allow video, audio, logos etc. to traverse the system independently.

IP structure provides a new and efficient way to manage broadcast media facilities. The Sumavision G01 offers complete visibility and control of the facility at fingertips, and multi-viewer is available for hybrid IP/SDI and compressed IP video monitoring.

About Content Production:
Broadcasters and live event producers are driven to deliver compelling content reliably, at the highest quality, for any device. For example, spinning up a limited-time channel with specialized content must be done quickly and efficiently to maximize a business opportunity.

Beside traditional Production stack and asset management system, Sumavision also provide powerful Live Video Production in the Cloud, works with Sumavision’s 5G backpacks, Sumavision Producer Cloud you can be producing within a matter of minutes.

Sumavision RPS (Remote Production System), there’s no need for traditional methods of production like a costly production truck or large production system, Sumavision uses SUMA-TERTM Sync adv.-Internet connection to synchronize up to 16 channels multiple live video sources for remote producti,and send them to your studio. The produced programs can then subsequently be distributed to audiences across the globe.

About Content Delivery:

Consumers choose to watch content, they expect a familiar, high-quality experience. Imagine provides a full range of content delivery solutions that enable media companies to reach viewers efficiently and reliably across any platform – over-the-air, OTT and mobile.

Sumavision has encapsulation solution for OTT, Broadcasting, and mobile, and design the new S030 Gateway for Public transmission over SRT, RIST, ZIXI low-latency IP transmission protocols.

About Content Processing:

Leveraging Sumavision’s expertise and market leadership, the 10K115 4K/60p HDR HEVC multi-channel encoder has proven itself as the easiest to use encoding platform for Cable, Satellite, IPTV or Terrestrial applications available today. The best part is its excellent low-latency technology at 100ms.

As the derivative product of the professional encoder, 5G+4K/8K backpack’s continuation of all features of professional encoder, automatically aggregates the best cellular networks in over regions, so you can stay focused on your broadcast over 5G, WiFi, LTE, WLAN.

About Routing and switching:

As the radio and television core processing platform + video computing platform + data communication platform, Sumavision core processing integrating communication network and broadcasting network technology, perfect for high-speed exchange application and video big data processing business. The platform has a unique video control system to meet 10 Gigabit video processing and switching requirements.

10-Gbps switches bring integrated line-rate Layer 2 and 3 capabilities with true 216 Gigabit Ethernet support (on uplink and network-facing ports). Support MAC and ARP hardware carving, IP source guard, MAC addresses, IGMPv1/v2/v3 etc.

While broadcasting live events, the use of multiple cameras allows for a more engaging and dynamic viewer experience. For remote locations such as sports stadiums or concert venues at different place, even though different Cities.

Suma-TER Sync works by continuously monitoring the end-to-end transit time, and dynamically adjusting the internal decoder buffers to compensate. This is done in real-time based on timestamps embedded in each stream from the remote encoders, and the decoding side has the most important Reducer ability to pick the time info. Everything would be synchronized to a Time Server, can be private or public

About Automation, Control:

Monitor and control all Sumavision products from one centralized, cloud-based platform, regardless of your location.

Manage permission levels for critical functions, detailed reporting on all your transmitters data consumption and frequency of use, Aggregates data from multiple platforms into a single consolidated view. Build interfaces with easy-to-use drag and drop configuration.