C-DOCSIS Standard and International Impact

Date: 2022-12-12 Source: Suma Tech

Enactment of C-DOCSIS Standard
As one of next generation broadband (NGB) access technologies for triple play service over cable TV network, the Chinese standard “NGB broadband access system-Technical specification of C-DOCSIS” (GY T266-2012), which is governed by the National Radio, Film, and Television Standardization Technical Committee, was released in 2012. This standard is mainly drafted by the Academy of Broadcasting Planning, National Radio and Television Administration (Zhifan Sheng worked as group leader), and many Chinese operators and companies in the field of broadcasting, e.g., Topway (Shenzhen), BGCTV (Beijing), WASU (Hangzhou), Harbin Yuanshen, Huawei, Topvision, Broadcom, Cisco also made contribution to the standard.

Fig.1 Relevant organizations, operators and enterprises in C-DOCSIS group

As one of core members in C-DOCSIS standard group, Topvision provided some standard text, patents, and prototype. Topvision is a leading company in the deployment of C-DOCSIS and it has a market share of 70% in China. Moreover, Topvision continuously explore the extension of C-DOCSIS application and it has used C-DOCSIS technology in EoC network. Moreover, Topvision integrates DOCSIS with PON, enabling a smooth evolution of HFC to FTTH networks.

Evolution of C-DOCSIS
C-DOCSIS is the pioneer of distributed access architecture (DAA) under the system of DOCSIS. This standard is not only widely used in China, but also leading the evolution of the mainstream DOCSIS standards (Fig.2).

Fig.2 Evolution of C-DOCSIS

With the evolution of DAA in C-DOCSIS standard, C-DOCSIS has been introduced into the DOCSIS standard of CableLabs, and then they officially proposed Distributed CCAP Architecture (DCA). Now, the primary technology in cable access is Remote MACPHY based on C-DOCSIS CMC-I, and Remote PHY that based on CMC-II. Besides, DOCSIS 4.0 also used distributed architecture in deployment, which means the cable access has stepped into distributed deployment era.

Topvision has been participating in CableLabs C-DOCSIS, Remote PHY, and Remote MACPHY standard groups for a long time, and has served 8 members among the 64 CableLabs MSO members. Topvision has more than 10 years' experience in DAA deployment and has business cases in Japan, USA, Germany, etc. So far, Topvision has provided over 190,000 DAA devices for customers in 20 countries.