Sumavision will show at CCBN 2021

Date: 2021-05-26 Source: Suma Tech

Sumavision Will Show at CCBN2021

The 28th China Content Broadcasting Network Show (CCBN2021) will be held from May 27th to 30th, 2021, at the China International Exhibition Center (Jing'anzhuang) in Beijing. At that time, Sumavision will be displayed at Booth No. 1, Hall 1B.

Sumavision (stock code: 300079) has been devoted to scientific research for many years, and has achieved good results in video technology, encryption technology, 5G technology and other fields: in the field of 4k/8k video, the company already has full-industry chain solutions, covering from acquisition, core transmission and switching, storage, encoding and transcoding, security, monitoring, to terminal, now has realized the closed loop of the 4k/8k video industry ecology; in the field of cloud services, the company has achieved cloudification of video processing, with technical capabilities such as cloud live broadcast, cloud transcoding, and cloud distribution; in 5G public service field, the company has realized the support and coverage of 5G multiple services, with 5G mobile portable acquisition, public network transmission, and 5G CPE gateway reception business capabilities, which can meet the long-term development needs of 5G video applications. With its profound R&D capabilities and accumulation, Sumavision has won many national awards, including the second prize of the National Science and Technology Progress Award.

This year’s CCBN Sumavision (stock code: 300079) will take “5G+4k/8k Full Industry Solution” as the theme, and will bring “4K/8K Applications”, “Emergency Broadcast”, “5G Public Services” and “CAS/DRM/Watermark”, and " Access Networks ", focus on displaying the company's scientific research results and deployed cases. In the "4K/8K Applications” exhibition area, Sumavision mainly will display the "8k encoding", "4k/8k satellite landing", " independent & controllable core platform" for major customers such as TV stations, operators, new medias, etc.; in the "Emergency Broadcast" exhibition area, Sumavision will showcase the "warning release platform(big data based)", "full link coverage", "end-to-end security", etc. From the presentation of platform system, transmission coverage, and terminal, the company’s emergency broadcast will be showcased to be more practical, comprehensive, and forward-looking on the basis of compliance with national standards; in the “CAS/DRM/Watermark” exhibition area, Sumavision will show CAS and DRM and digital watermarks, and the company has always been vigorously practicing the development path of localization and self-independent technology power. The contents displayed in several exhibition areas each have independent highlights and are also connected to each other, highlighting that Sumavision has accomplished the layout of the full 5G+4k/8k video industry chain.

In addition to the exhibition area of CCBN this year, Sumavision (stock code: 300079) also will participate in theme conferences and emergency broadcasts forum. At the theme conference on the 27th, Sumavision will publish a sharing titled "New Opportunities for Broadcasting and Television under the Wave of UHD & 5G", focusing on introduction of the industry’s ecology, the company's product system, application scenarios, solutions and typical cases, from aspects of "UHD" and "Emergency Broadcast".

This year's CCBN has once again upgraded its scale compared to previous sessions, with a super-large area of 60,000 square meters, and will welcome nearly 1,000 exhibitors and institutions. It is expected that there will be more than 100,000 professional visitors. With the theme of "Smart All-Media 5G New Audiovisual", this exhibition highlights the technological innovations of radio and television and network audiovisual in smart, mobile, and high-definition aspects under the background of 5G, and interprets the in-depth integration and innovative applications of emerging information technology and radio, television and network audiovisual. Hereby Sumavision sincerely invites all our friends and partners to participate in the industry's grand event.