Typical cases

  • Sumavision's products has deployed in more than 110 countries and regions and served 1 billion people around the world. As you can see, our products have almost deployed on every continent and cover all video industry services, including 4K UHD, contribution, R-CMTS, CAS, OTT, etc. Some typical cases are as follows.

    (1) 4K UHD Solution for China CCTV

  • China Central Television has launched its first domestic CCTV 4K Ultra HD channel on October 1st, 2018 based on Sumavision overall services. The channel is available on the first batch of cable TV networks in 13 municipalities and provinces including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong, etc. In this project, Sumavision 10K115 is used to do the 4K encoding and EMR is used for multiplexing and scrambling system. Through the integral solution, it enhances terminal user experiences and contributes to the development of Chinese UHD video industry.

  • (2) Hospitality R-CCAP Projects in USA

  • Sumavision has provided 2000+ units of indoor R-CMTS to USA hospitality integrators. The mainstream application for most hotel chains is that by deploying one indoor R-CMTS in HUB, it covers hundreds of hotel rooms in one building, without optical signals and only coax.

  • (3) HUAWEI Global Launch Events

  • Sumavison provides video services for Huawei product launches worldwide. Eight service nodes and one management node are deployed in each region. Each service node has 32 cores, 96 GB memory, and processes the encapsulation of 13 HD programs with one in, eight out transcoding. Program transmission uses SRT protocol.

  • (4) OTT System for Cruise Ships in France

  • The project is the first shoot that Sumavision's OTT system enters into luxury cruise TV entertainment industry and brings brand new user experience and great potential business opportunity to the customer——a famous French luxury cruise company. The customer owns 5 luxury cruise ships, among them four cruises are sister ships. With same structure but different interior decoration theme, these cruises became the newest, the largest and the most luxurious cruises for Antarctic trip at present.

  • (5) R-CCAP Project with RMD in Japan

  • Sumavision proposes a total R-CCAP solution for iTSCOM and provides users with TV, Internet, Voice and other services. More than 1500 DOCSIS 3.1 devices has been deployed to help customers to transfer from centralized CMTS solution to distributed access architecture (DAA) solution

  • (6) National CAS Solution for DVB-T2 in Kenya

  • This solution is a very typical case in CAS development which achieve about 70 percent coverage rate around the country. CAS is a value-added service, so it needs to cooperate with many systems. In this case, the involved systems are DVB-S/S2 IRD, H.264 HD Encoder, Multiplexer, Scrambler, EPG. And Sumavision can provide the end-to-end solution in DVB industry and help the operators to use cable resource to deliver multiple value-added service including EPG, AD, PAY TV, etc.

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