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CABSAT2017 – Sumavision Deeply Explores the Middle East Market

Time : 2018-01-18Source : 数码科技
  • 21 March, 2017, exhibition of Dubai international broadcast & TV has been successfully held in Dubai World Trade Centre once again. CABSAT is the largest satellite, radio, and multimedia exhibition in the Middle East. It covers the entire business scope of the electronic media industry, including the aspects of cable, satellite, terrestrial transmission and wireless networks, which contains the area of video, audio, broadcast, from TV broadcast to telecommunication, involving production and management. CABSAT is approved by ASBU, ABU, IABM, and GVF, which attracting more than 15,000 visitors, 950 exhibitors. There are more than 120 countries involved in CABSAT, in which establishing more than 10 independent national exhibitions.

  • The worldwide leading provider of digital TV solutions - Sumavision with the latest digital TV solutions, creates the whole industry chain solutions for broadcast operators, which covers the content, network and network, showing the advanced technology to the industry. Sumavision meets the needs and expectations of customers, taking customers’ interests as the core, realizing the mutual development of customers and us.

  • In this exhibition, Sumavision has focused on the exhibition of DTV high integrated digital TV platform, 4K/HEVC, the visualization operation management of OMC, multi-screen viewing, face recognition, recommendation & sharing, CATV broadband network products R-CMTS. OMC platform is employed the open and integration architecture design with the capability of end-to-end full media and full businesses support, the integration solutions and professional and customized solutions, and perfectly fit the unique needs of different customers. Sumavision has directly played host to several batches of industrial customers of Middle East, Africa and South Asia and completed the targeted technical presentation and communication. Most of the customers have given a high evaluation and recognition of the products and solutions of Sumavision. Besides, they have expressed the hope to make a further communication and cooperation intention of us.

  • Dubai is an important business center of the United Arab Emirates, which has been rapidly rising since the 1980s and has become the transportation center, information center, exhibition center and commodity distribution center in the Middle East and Africa in the past 30 years. Due to the liberal trade policy, investment environment and convenient location, Dubai has become an indispensable regional economic and trade re-export center in the Gulf region. Being aware of the CABSAT exhibition is a very good opportunity to develop the broadcasting and television market of Middle East, Africa and South Asia, Sumavision makes a targeted exhibition plan based on customer needs in different regions of Middle East, Africa and South Asia, with the corporate philosophy of "make everyone enjoy digital life", bringing customers the most suitable solution. With the world's advanced technology, Sumavision aims to achieve a further development in the market.

  • After 17 years of technological innovation and development, Sumavision has had the capacity to provide the end to end solution in digital TV industry. Up to now, Sumavision has provided professional services for more than 110 countries and regions around the world. With Beijing as the headquarter, Sumavision has established eight marketing centers, 39 offices in the United States, Russia, India, Philippines, etc. Sumavision is willing to provide better solutions and after-sales service to extend the enterprise's vision“For Better Digital Life”to the world.

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