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New Opportunities in Europe——Sumavision participates in the 2017 TV Connect London

Time : 2018-01-18Source : 数码科技
  • TV Connect London exhibition is a new platform for manufacturers to enter the European and American markets. It is the most professional international exhibition in the field of OTT and IPTV. The exhibition attracted more than 200 sponsors and exhibitors, nearly 500 global operators, which is an important exchange event in the industry. The exhibition of 2017 has invited the global 380 CEO's visit; we can see the degree of attention to this exhibition. OTT is an important trend in the current DTV industry, the conference also held a number of related meetings to introduce the development of OTT and future opportunities. The meeting is full of useful content and very worthy of the industry professionals to participate.

  • This year, in addition to the grand opening ceremony and special reception, the conference also arranged activities for the operator to visit the key booths. It is a great honor that Sumavision has been selected among them. In this exhibition, Sumavision focuses on the display of the visual operation and management of OMC platform, 4K, multi-screen viewing, gene analysis, big data, recommendation and sharing, SDM products and customized STB, etc., to show customers the professional overall end-to-end products and services in software, hardware, head-end, terminal and other major business modules, especially in the OMC system and the terminals, which not only highlights the advantages of Sumavision but also allows customers to understand and familiar with our hardware and software products and customized services. In this show, Sumavision has received the industry customers and operators from the European countries and even the Middle East countries. For the new technologies of Sumavision, the new and old customers have given a unanimous praise.

  • According to media reports, the OTT usage rate in European market is continuing to rise, especially in the UK and France, the amount of users is continuing to expand. In England and France, more than half of the broadband subscribers have watched TV shows and movies through the Internet, and one-third of England broadband families have even subscribed pay OTT video services. The development of OTT video services in Europe is now at the forefront of the world, second only to the United States. With the European audience's video watching habits changing slowly, more and more pay video services are also rapidly entering into the market, which also means that in the future in Europe and its surrounding areas and countries, there will be more development and market opportunities for Sumavision.

  • After 17 years of technological innovation and development, Sumavision has had capacity to provide the end to end solution in digital TV industry. Up to now, Sumavision has provided professional services for more than 110 countries and regions around the world. With Beijing as the headquarter, Sumavision has established eight marketing centers, 39 offices in the United States, Russia, India, Philippines, etc. Sumavision is willing to provide better solutions and after-sales service to extend the enterprise's vision“For Better Digital Life”to the world.

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