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Sumavision provides live TV technology for Air China

Time : 2018-01-17Source : 数码科技
  • Sumavision’s DTV products are successfully installed in more than 7000 city and county television stations. Since approved by the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television of The People’s Republic of China, Beijing based SUMAVISION TECHNOLOGIES CO.LTD has participated in the design of airborne satellite transcoding equipment to provide live TV to civil airliners.

  • Air China is China’s exclusive national flight carrier for civil aviation, and is a member of the Star Alliance. It ranks first among domestic airline brands. with 540 aircraft. It operates 322 passenger routes, with 71 international routes, covering 32 countries and regions, and 159 cities. Its service network is further extended to 1,321 destinations in 193 countries.

  • The initial system installation is in an Air China Boeing 777-200 aircraft and will enable the passenger to watch the coverage of the 70th anniversary event. Passengers will be able to view the content through laptop or tablet on Air China flight CA1369 from Beijing to SanYa on 3rdSEP, 2015 for the first time, with support for radio also.

  • Sumavision initially developed its satellite based Live & VOD TV commercial case in France for use in cruise ships. In both cases all satellite TV signal processing and broadcasting function products are realized by Sumavision’s core hardware product--- EMR., EMR can provide high video broadcasting quality, high density and high safety which fulfill the requirements of aircraft based equipment.

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