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CAS and DRM Solution

  • Stream Guard For DVB Solution

    Sumavision StreamGuard security products provide end to end security solutions for digital TV operators. Ensure that the Live and VOD services based on the coaxial network can be carried out safely. It provides protection for the interests of operators and users.

  • Features

    • Adopt a reasonable architecture to support over three million users in single set.
    • Audit by Farncombe, use EAL4+ certificated smart card or high security chipset to provide guarantee for program security.
    • It is widely used in DVB-S/S2, DVB-T/Adv.-Terrestrial and DVB-C networks to support scrambling protection for SD, HD and 4K programs.
    • Customized product services to help operators improve their value from a number of aspects such as security, stability and operation and maintenance.
    • Hardware and software dual security protection, end to end security authentication and special authorization escort the video security. 

  • StreamGuard for DVB+OTT Solution

    The OTT service is extended on the basis of the original DVB network. StreamGuard with the DRM function, which can still guarantee the security of the program. It provides strong support for the business expansion of the operators.

  • Features

    • Ensure the sustainability of the operator's existing investment.
    • The comprehensive function ensures the stable operation for new OTT service.
    • High security guarantees that operator's investment in the new program will be protect.

  • StreamGuard for IPTV+OTT Sollution

    According to different types of multimedia resources, StreamGuard DRM provides effective and flexible security control. It fully covers liner and demand service of OTT, IPTV, VOD and other system, provides security control for all kinds of terminals to maximize the interests of copyright owners (authors, content provider, service operators).

  • Features

    • The first DRM provider certificated by CHINA DRM, audited by Farncombe. Head-end watermarking system provides extra content protection.
    • Three levels terminal security scheme to support up to 4K program protection.
    • With full functionality, multiple coding formats and transmission protocols support, flexible rights patterns, and rich terminal forms.
    • Fully coveredthe OTT, IPTV, VOD, Internet video and other systems and provide customized system integration solution.
    • Fully support the STB/ STB APP, mobile phone, PAD, PC and other size screen terminals, provide the customized terminal security solution for multi-screen terminals.


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