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  • Application Scenario of CC8800 Series Outdoor R-CMTS

    The highlight of CC8800 DOCSIS3.1 R-CMTS is that this product supports DOCSIS 3.1, which can provide a maximum throughput 10Gbps+ per fiber node. Thus, by adopting DOCSIS 3.1,it can help Cable Operators to improve their competitiveness against Telecom Operators with higher bandwidth and lower cost. Besides DOCSIS 3.1, it is backward compatible with DOCSIS 3.0/DOCSIS 2.0/C-DOCSIS. CC8800 DOCSIS3.1 has more improved capacities comparing to CC8800 series DOCSIS 3.0 R-CMTS, for instance, it supports up to 1,000 CMs, supports more DS/US service flows, etc. Since it is a field device, Sumavision has continued to adopt the same industrial design as CC8800 series R-CMTS to guarantee the reliability.


  • Application Scenario of CC8800 Series Indoor R-CMTS

    CC8800 (Indoor), compatible with DOCSIS 3.1/DOCSIS 3.0/DOCSIS 2.0/C-DOCSIS, is an indoor type, 1 RU rack mountable device which can be deployed in the headend. It can make the fullest use of the existed cable resource as well as provide broadband service with high performance.





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