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Scalable Universal Edge QAM (IPQAM 3.3)

  • Product Introduction

    10K511 IPQAM3.3 is the third generation of the Sumavision ultra density Edge-QAM after IPQAM3.0 and IPQAM3.1. Up to 384 frequencies in 1RU chassis, the highest density in the worldwide. The device is designed as a highly integrated digital video gateway which multiplexes and scrambles on-demand content streamed over an IP network. 

    The QF322, 64-Unadjacent-channel QAM Modulating card, is the new generation modulator from Sumavision with high integration technology. There are 32 un-adjacent channels of each RF output, and 2 RF ports on one module and each of them can be scrambled individually. 16 x SPF+ ports supports 10G data transferring, and output through any RF port on each modulating card.


  • Features

    • Full band range from 45MHz to 1000MHz.
    • 6 slots, 6 modules, 12 RF ports.
    • High integration, can achieve 384 frequencies RF outputs in 1RU.
    • Support scrambling function.
    • ITU-T J.83Annex A/B/C, DVB-C compliance.
    • 10GbE data throughout, 9600M per port.
    • ARP, ICMP, IGMP-V1/2/3.
    • 256 channels per RF port.
    • WEB/SNMP control and upgrade.
    • Low power consumption.


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