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Transcoding Processing Solution

    • Introduction

      Sumavision's transcoding solution gives users full package of tools to product their videos as they want and deliver to any terminals that subscribers have.Including video recording, storage, edition, logo insertion, preview, video format transcoding, VBI format translation, also the video quality analyzing,such as PSNR, SSIM.Lite-Production providing tools to users with video recording, edition, cut,logo insertion, advertisement analyzing, EPG edition, quick preview, etc.

    • The software-based solution is Cloud ready, both public or private. Services can be streamed out as key-frame aligned transport streams via IP, UDP or RTP,or using SRT for enhanced security and reliability. Transcoding processing, EMR+C111 FPGA solution and xStream2050/ 2210 server based solution support any bitrate, any resolution video processing.VBI translation, utilizing advanced algorithms to transcode or decode from any format to any format. Especially, support VBI translation from ISDB-T to CEA608/708 encapsulation protocol conversion and streaming distribution.

    • Features

      • Ideally for quick edition, transcoding and streaming of video services.
      • Live, non-linear and near-live workflows from a single platform.
      • Any input, DVB-C/S/S2/T/Adv.-Terrestrial/ISDB/ATSC, Multi-format output, RF/ASI/IP/SDI.
      • Support B37/B24 to CEA608/708 decoding/transcoding.
      • Dynamic processing and parallel creation of multiple format TV assets.
      • 1+1 or N+1 redundancy with seamless live switching.
      • Support Ad-insertion, Logo insertion, Sub-title insertion.
      • Real-time formatting for adaptive bitrate services.

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