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Network Management System(NMS)

    • Product Introduction

      The network management system(NM3000) is a network operations support system for MSO carrier access networks, independently developed by Sumavision. Supports FTTH, FTTB, FTTC, DOCSIS/C-DOCSIS, and other network access models, as well as OLT+ONU, PON+EoC, PON+CMC/EQAM, PON+WLAN, uni-/bi-directional optical units, CMTS, and other mainstream access networks and applications. This product supports convenient service activation (telecom-level) and seamless connection with BOSS and provides carrier businesses with basic big data support. The NM3000 adopts a mainstream browser/server (B/S) architecture and its client is accessible via PC/mobile phone. The servers use a distributed design and can scale up from a thousand-unit network to million-unit, even ten-million-unit network. Meanwhile, The NM3000 is based on a platform+component design and offers perfectly tailored support. With the NM3000, customers can build intelligent network O&M support systems that suit their actual needs.


    • Features

    • B/S clientless design: The system adopts a B/S architecture, which allows user to access the system from any PC with any popular web browser installed. User do not have to install any client-side software for the system. When upgrading or maintaining the NM3000, only the server software needs to be updated. There is no need to perform any operation on the client. It greatly reduces overall maintenance costs by simplifying network management maintenance and eliminating the need for client updates.
      Mobile (Android/iOS) access: Any mainstream smartphone can be used as client to access the NM3000. The NM3000 has special mobile apps developed for Android and iOS users, which offer common tools for on-site support, troubleshooting, and O&M. The app keeps user updated with the information user need for faster response and higher efficiency. It is a powerful tool for O&M engineers.
      Support for mainstream server platforms: The NM3000 servers supports Windows/Linux operating systems, as well as MySQL, Oracle, and other databases. The system supports secure data backup.
      Elastic multi-tier system architecture: The NM3000 platform uses a multi-tier, component-based structure and business isolation/ and abstraction design. On the unified NM3000 management platform, each tier performs its own functions and provides a wide range of components to meet the rising diversified customer needs. 
      • Ten-million-connection network management capacity: NM3000 servers adopt an advanced, distributed architecture design and support an elastic and distributed structure of database+central server+ N acquisition servers. The database supports master/slave hot standby with the central server as the single access portal. Acquisition servers can be deployed on demand in a distributed manner across multiple regions. All of those servers are centrally managed. In a typical application scenario, a single acquisition server can support up to 100,000 network element nodes, while the overall system can manage networks with millions or even tens of millions of network elements. 
      • Centralized management for multiple models from multiple vendors: FTTH application OLTs and ONUs. The system supports optical line terminations (OLTs) and optical network units (ONUs) of different models and from different manufacturers, so long as they comply with integration requirements.PON+EoC application OLT/ONU devices, EoC OLTs, and EoC ONUs. Supports centralized management of PON and EoC devices.PON+CMTS application OLT/ONU devices, and CMTS OLTs and ONUs.
      • Support for diverse southbound interfaces: The NM3000 supports a great variety of southbound interfaces, including SNMP, Telnet, FTP, TR069, HTTP, CMIP, TCP/UDP, TL1, and others.
      • Business support/system integration: The NM3000 provides various types of northbound interfaces, and can feed alert, performance, connection, and resource information to upstream BOSS systems. At the same time, the product also provides a custom interface service, to meet the specific needs of different OSS systems.Through integration with BOSS, the system enables rapid service activation, change, and maintenance. This reduces overall costs by freeing user from tedious manual operations and significantly increasing O&M efficiency.
      • License management: The NM3000 provides detailed license options, allowing customers to purchase different licenses based on their own needs.


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