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  • 1. Outdoor R-CMTS


  • Features

    • Support R-MACPHY and R-PHY.
    • Support DOCSIS 3.1, compatible with DOCSIS 3.0 / DOCSIS 2.0 / C-DOCSIS.
    • Support DAA access architecture, support operation and management though remote distributed controller.
    • Support up to 4*OFDM and 1*2*OFDMA, supports 10Gbps+ throughput per fber node.
    • Support up to 1000 CMs.
    • Support DOCSIS, PacketCable/PCMM EQAM and Optical receiver, which can satisfy applications including internet, voice, VOD and CATV application.
    • Inner modular structure, which is easier to change part of the device.
    • A variety of management and maintenance modes: support CLI/standalone Web/NMS/EMS, and other management modes.
    More installation methods: field installation, corridor installation, wall-mount and strand-mount installation.

  • (2) DOCSIS 3.0 RMD R-CMTS

  • Features

    • R-CMTS products designed for FTTB/FTTC scenarios.
    • Field type products suitable for outdoor deployment.
    • Support both DOCSIS and EQAM, support video/internet/voice services.
    • Throughput: support 32 downstream & 8 upstream, up to 1,840Mbps for one equipment.
    • Power supply: Cable-based power supply (AC60V/90V) or Local power supply (AC110V/ 220V).
    • Interfaces: support 4 RF outputs and optical receiver inside.
    • A variety of installation methods: field installation, corridor installation, wall-mount and strand-mount installation.
    • Support NMS management platform and support WEBGUI.
    • International certifications:CE, FCC, RoHS, WEEE, VCCI, JCTEA, KDDI, Softbank, etc.

    (3) DOCSIS 3.0 Mini-RMD

  • Features

    • No fan heat dissipation design.
    • Designed for apartment basement/corridor and FTTB/FTTC cabinet scenarios.
    • Field type products suitable for indoor deployment.
    • Support DOCSIS2.0/DOCSIS3.0, support video/internet/voice services.
    • Support up to 32*DS and 8*US channels.
    • Provide 1*10G Combo SFP+ Interface, support GE|10GE|EPON|10G EPON|GPON|XG(S)-PON uplink.
    • Power supply: Local power supply (AC110V/ 220V).
    • Interfaces: support 1 RF output and 1 RF input.
    • More installation methods: supports corridor installation, wall-mounted.
    • Support NMS management platform and support WEBGUI.


    2. Indoor R-CMTS (DOCSIS 3.0 / 3.1)

  • Features

    Allow service providers to rapidly and cost effectively deliver broadband services over the existed cable network.
    • Support DOCSIS3.1, fully compatible with existed DOCSIS 2.0 / DOCSIS 3.0 cable modem, thus the existed investment is protected.
    • Smooth evolution: compatible with existed headend provision platform, CM terminal and support network evolution smoothly.
    High bandwidth: Gigabit level access device, higher bandwidth on next generation product, can satisfy the future network requirements.
    Better cost-effective: the unit price of bandwidth has been greatly reduced compared with traditional CMTS.
    • Support PacketCable / PCMM, and multi-service applications including internet, video and interactive VOD application.

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