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Streaming IP Gateway

  • Product Introduction

    Sumavisioin streaming media gateway xStream2300 products are mainly used in the need for protocol encapsulation conversion scenarios and the need for streaming media distribution scenarios, which can transfer the broadcast network UDP-TS, internet HTTP-FLV and other resources into UDP-TS, HTTP -TS, RTMP-FLV, HTTP-FLV, RTSP-RTP, HLS, Smoothstreaming and other resources. If need the transcoding function, these resources can be transcoded before publishing and then output through the streaming media service gateway. The system can achieve the integration by released to a variety of commercial streaming media services. Also, the system can provide streaming media services directly.

  • Features

    • Support all the current mainstream protocol package format conversion and streaming media distribution, flexibly adapt to a variety of systems.

    • One unit can support 600 multi-protocol conversion, support the two modes of pushing and pulling in.

    • UDP-TS supports the receiving and sending of unicast and multicast.

    • HTTP TS, RTMP FLV, HTTP-FLV, RTSP-RTP output support custom publication name.

    • HLS supports video and audio combined packing mode and separate packing mode.

    • HLS supports the dynamic configuration rules by the name and distribution path, you can dynamically configure the prefix, suffix, and date rules.

    • Support FTP, HTTP upload slice push mode. Support local release mode.

    • Support I-frame alignment of slices. Supports multi-rate mode. Slice parameters can be configured.

    • Support single program input, multi-protocol output at the same time. Support single protocol and multiple output simultaneously.

    • Support setting program name, provider, program number, PMT, PCR, Audio and video PID, rate control mode, table interval and other information.

    • TS packing supports both synchronous and asynchronous modes, which can fully meet the convection requirements of different types of terminals.

    • Support program information acquisition for convenient viewing.

    • Support input and output of pure audio signals.

    • Support input program backup, hot standby and output white list control three kinds of security and control measures.

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