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Management & Monitoring

  • 1. G01 Centralized management

    With the development of the broadcasting and television industry, the business volume continues to increase, the system and equipment are constantly adjusted, and the performance of the old network management system in operation cannot fully meet the requirements of the safety broadcast supervision. It is in urgent need of carrying out the update and transformation of the network management system.

    The construction of the G01 system is based on the regulatory requirements. Under the premise of ensuring safe broadcast, a new integrated network management system is established to achieve comprehensive and effective supervision of system equipment, and unified supervision of equipment through network management.



  • Features

  • (1)System management

  • • Support system backup and restore based on time baseline.
    • Support automatic switching between active and standby systems with Virtual IP.
    • Support switching mode setting (manual mode, automatic mode).
    • Support running condition monitoring of Primary and secondary server.
    • Support for custom Synchronized data content.

  • (2)Service monitoring

  • It can achieve scheduling by monitoring user's service, reporting service alert to the service judgment system, receiving scheduling instructions of the service judgment system at the same time.

  • (3)Topology management

  • As one of the important portals of the entire platform system, topology management will show the operating status of the entire system to the operators, which can fully control all devices on the network.

  • (4)Device management

  • The device management function module implements the interconnection with various types of devices, and provides a basic service control interface independent of the device, thereby implementing a unified interface of each device and unified management of the device. 

  • (5)Alert management

  • The alert management include manage, analyze and display the abnormal information generated by all devices and services. The alert management functions include current alert, history alert, alert action, alert strategy, alert filter, and customized desktop alert views.

  • (6)Log management

  • The log management system stores the system logs, operation logs, and device-running log generated by all servers.

  • (7)User personalized management

  • In order to meet some habitual needs, the user personalized management includes three sub-features: custom desktop, personalized notification, and large screen display.

  • 2. GU03 TS Analyzer

    MSA1000, a 4K and 8K Ultra High Definition TS Analyzer, is a brand new analyzer that features "high-performance + intelligence + broadband + mobile-based". It caters to the future 4K and 8K UHD transport stream analysis. It's designed with the embedded hardware and no need to work with laptops anymore. It comes with the 10G interface, which, once expanded, allows the real-time analysis and comparison of 15 channels 4K/8K transport streams, and location of the DTV head-end fault point effectively and smartly. It supports cable, WIFI and 4G & 5G connection, which makes the operation of MSA1000 globally possible as long as there's Internet access.

  • Features

  • • Embedded Hardware Design.
    • Support TR101 290.
    • Support PSI/SI table analyzing.
    • Support ASI, IP, RF.
    • Support maximum 15 UDP streams analyzing (license control).
    • Support maximum 500 SD/HD programs analyzing (license control).
    • Support MPEG-1, MPEG-2, H.264, H.265, AVS, AVS+, AVS2.
    • Support MPEG-1, MPEG-2, Dolby, Dolby plus, PCM, DRA, Suma Digital Audio.
    • Support 4K.
    • Support different terminals, PC, Pad, Mobile phones (web browser).

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