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IP Gateway Workflow

  • 1. Baseband Live Processor- S010

    • Product Introduction

      As broadcasters migrate to IP-based transport, Sumavision S010 converting real-time, uncompressed, baseband 8K/4K/HD video using SMPTE ST2022-6/-7, SMPTE2110, SMPTE ST2059 protocol for distribution over 10G/25G/100G networks, and management following the NMOS IS-04/05* standard.
      JPEG-XS decoding and encoding saving transmission bandwidth but keep the VQ as required. The gateways support any mix of 12G/3G/UHD/HD/SD-SDI production workflows over IP networks. With 4in and 4out SDI, the platform is designed to bridge traditional coaxial networks into emerging Ethernet networks.

    • Features

      • Standards based IP in Action (SMPTE, VSF, EBU, etc.).
      • Bidirectional transport of SD/HD/3G/12G-SDI video signal over 10/25/100 GigE links.
      • Flexible 8K/4K/HD contents selection.
      • Application: Connect a camera or SDI source to based studio networks; Monitoring Display, Video Wall, or Signage.
      • Simplify Lab Connectivity to test new equipment with a variety of input or output.
      • Interoperability (From legacy SDI systems to a virtualized, IP-based environment).
      • Standard: SMPTE ST2022-6, SMPTE ST2022-7, SMPTE ST2110/SMPTE ST2059, etc.
      • With JPEG-XS, you can begin producing over IP with high bandwidth today.
      • NMOS IS-04, IS-05 management*.
      • Remote site connection.

  • 2. Sumavision S030 Media Gateway

    • Product Introduction

      Sumavision S030, the media gateway that transferring transport streams to IP protocols like UDP, SRT, RIST, RTMP, HLS, CSF* or even 5G and transmit in public networks, private networks, or 5G via 5G mobile or 5G modules.

    • Features

      • Portable and lower power consumption design, dual hot-swappable power supplies.
      • 4x GbE, 4x 5G module, 3x USB ports, 4x Sim slots, 16x SMA for external antenna.
      • Multi-format MPEG-2/H.264/HEVC.
      • Support channel bounding output (5G, WLAN, WIFI), maximum 4 channels output, 30Mbps per channel.
      • LCD touch screen and web control.
      • Support SRT /UDP/RIST/RTMP/HLS.


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