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Adv.-Terrestrial Gateway - 10K511X


  • Product Introduction

    The Single-Frequency Network transmission mode (SFN), which is possible with DVB-T/Adv.-Terrestrial, requires that all transmitters in the network are accurately synchronized. The synchronization must include frequency as well as timing. That is, the transmitters must transmit the same signal at the same time on the same frequency. 
    10K511X Adv.-Terrestrial Gateway encapsulates one or several MPEG-2/H.264/AVS Transport Streams that gathering from DVB multiplexer into Adv.-Terrestrial Base-Band frames. It outputs the resulting Adv.-Terrestrial compliant multiplex using the Advanced Terrestrial Transmission-MI (Advanced Terrestrial Transmission Modulator Interface) protocol through ASI and IP. 
    The Sumavision 10K511X Adv.-Terrestrial Gateway is a new generation professional gateway that support Synchronization of Adv.-Terrestrial modulators for SFN and MFN broadcasting.

  • Features

    • Ideal for transmitter site in both MFN and SFN networks.
    • Adv.-Terrestrial SFN Adaption with MISO support.
    • Single and Maximum 8 PLP Multiplexing.
    • 2 GE ports, 2 ASI inputs and 1 ASI outputs for external stream and data input.
    • Generation of Advanced Terrestrial Transmission Modulator Interface packets over ASI and IP interfaces. 
    • Re-multiplexing of inputs streams. 
    • Support PSI/SI regeneration, edition, and LCN.
    • 10/100/1000BaseT Ethernet port for SNMP and web browser monitoring and control.


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