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Stream Processing Platform (EMR 3.0)


  • Product Introduction

    Sumavision's Enhanced Multimedia Router (EMR) is a standard platform on which users can realize all Digital TV head end functions. EMR is one rack-unit (1-RU) signal processing platform with flexible card-insertion structure (6 slots).
    EMR can support "Any input" (DVB-S/S2/S2X/ASI/IP/DS3/E3,etc.), "Any processing"(encoding/decoding/multiplexing/scrambling,etc.) and "Anyoutput" (DVB-S/ S2/S2X/ASI/IP/DS3/E3, etc.). EMR is available for any applications beyond your imagination besides encoding, decoding, multiplexing, transcoding, modulating, etc. 
    EMR3.0-10GE is an upgradation of EMR3.0, 4 x 10-GE data ports is perfectly fit the huge data processing requirements, 40Gbps throughput meet the need of more and more high bitrate channels bandwidth increasing, like HEVC 4K and even 8K. 

  • Features

    • Security and stability: System / Device / port / program / power five-level hot backup, seamless switching with intelligent self-test.
    • Flexible configuration: One hundred kinds of cards free intermixing, each EMR is a customized solution.(Including: encoding, transcoding, decoding, reception, adaptation, multiplexing, scrambling, switching, and other modules).
    • Highly integration: Card performance rising, help EMR to achieve far more capacity density than conventional equipment.(For example: 1U achieve 24 satellite signals receive, up to hundred programs transcoding, 12 programs encoding, 96 QAM outputs, etc.).
    • Easy operation and maintenance: Simple Network with unified platform + highly integrated wiring = simple operation and maintenance.
    • Simple expansion: Upgrading and expansion only increase or replacement the shelf or cards, saving the secondary input costs.
    • Energy saving: Good technology design and efficient air duct architecture, bring a 100W green product.

  • Typical applications

    As shown in the figure below, EMR receives and encodes & compresses the analog or digital TV video & audio signals;and can also receive and adapt the adaptive signals such as DS3; additionally, it can receive and demodulate the satellite signals as TS, and transmit TS stream into the multiplex level, then multiplex with EPG information to become a standard DVB stream, which will be encrypted by the scrambler and CAS, and modulated, finally transmitted on HFC network. 


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