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5G Router

  • Product Introduction

    Sumavision 5G CPE is a high performance terminal for 5G network. It can convert high speed 5G signals into Wi-Fi and Ethernet cable signals, providing wireless broadband access services for users. It has a routing function and can be used simultaneously by different terminals, such as tablet, computers, and smart phones, etc.
    Sumavision 5G CPE is suitable for a variety of scenarios such as homes, offices, commercial places, and other indoor areas. According to different application scenarios, it also supports multiple business functions including fixed telephone, data services, VoLTE, SMS services, security services, VPN functions, upgrade functions, management functions, etc.

  • Features

    • Flagship 5G chipset: Qualcomm SDX55.
    • Multi-antenna: Built-in 14 antennas (Wi-Fi*6+5G*8).
    • Fast rate: Up to 2400 Mbps for 5GHz, 591Mbps for 2.4GHz.
    • Multi-user: Support 128 Wi-Fi users at the same time.
    • Good heat dissipation: Designed cooling architecture, with large metal heat sink effectively reduces chip temperature and improves system stability.
    • Moderate working temperature: Maximum temperature inside the device does not exceed 45℃ at normal room temperature.
    • Low power consumption: General power consumption is 8-12W.
    • WPS quick start: WPS configuration quick start by one simple click.
    • Easily confirm best position: Automatically locate 5G signal strength, confirm the best location through the indicator color (Green/Yellow/Red).


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