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Sumavision is presented at 2019BCA with the latest UHD video solutions

Time : 2019-08-15Source : 数码视讯

Broadcast Asia(BCA) 2019, an Asia-Pacific comprehensive broadcasting event, was held in Suntec Singapore on June 18th, 2019. It is the largest and most influential annual event in the broadcasting industry in Asia,It is also an unmissable exhibition platform for the world's top institutions and enterprises in audio and video, film and television, digital multimedia, radio and television.

"Capture The Future" is the theme of BCA 2019, which aims to bring more innovative technologies and subversive industry layouts to customers around the world, take “innovation” as the core to promote the development of new overseas ecosystems. Sumavision(Stock Code: 300079), as one of the first video technology service platform companies in the world, presented the latest UHD video service solutions from the company in this BCA exhibition, shared video technology upgrading achievements with global customers and attendees, and discussed the future of video industry.

It is known that,Sumavision(Stock Code:Sumavision Technology 300079)focuses on the independent research and development of video advanced technology and products, and has entered the rapid development period of globalization. The company has completed a full 4K industrial layout, which can meet the all-round needs of industry customers. This time, Sumavision participated in the exhibition with ultra-high definition, OTT/IPTV, digital TV head end, R-CCAP /PON and other solutions, shows the breakthrough progress in ultra-low latency coding technology, high integration video processing equipment and other aspects.

In this exhibition, Sumavision (Stock Code:300079) launched 4K ultra HD solution,combined with the existing specific cases, shared the UHD full-link solutions from content production, information source reception and program processing to final transmission. It not only shows the strong coding strength, but also covers 4K content ecological construction and other high technology content based on its own core algorithm, which has left a deep impression on the attendees and attracted many audiences to stop and visit, and create a warm atmosphere.

This BCA exhibition provides a professional platform for multi-layer and all-round exchanges and cooperation among enterprises in the industry, it is of positive significance for enterprises in the field of radio and television to expand the global market. In the future, Sumavision (stock code: Sumavision technology 300079) will persist in scientific research, development and innovation, continue to explore the overseas market, provide users with unprecedented audio-visual experience, and help people around the world enjoy a better digital life.

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