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Enjoying UHD Convergent Experience ——Sumavision 8K Solution amazing unveiled in CCBN

Time : 2019-08-15Source : 数码视讯

The 27th “China Connect Broadcasting Network” expo (CCBN) was held with the theme of “Breaking Visual Border,Touching Intelligent Future” in Beijing on March 21th, 2019. Many fruits of innovation achieved in the China broadcasting and television technology field were presented in this three-day exhibition.

Accompany with extreme attention, Sumavision (Stock Code: 300079) also participated in the expo with the theme of “Enjoying UHD Convergent Experience, Benefitting Radio & Television Future”, which show a high popularity. Many leaders, experts, media and users visited Sumavion’s booth to learn more about the group’s core business, technology advantages, 8K solution and UHD transmission solution.

Sumavision (Stock Code: 300079) focused on the frontier development and innovation of 8K solution and brought a strong UHD visual impact to the expo, which provides a new thought of 8K UHD application. Besides, the magnificent color, high-level color value, ultra-fast frame rate and UHD resolution of 8K screen located in the entrance of the exhibition attracted many visitors and brought a thrilling visual experience. Moreover, 4K/8K platform provided by Sumavision could share a UHD full-link solution from content production, resource receiving and program processing to final transmission according to cooperating various solutions and devices. The platform not only demonstrates a strong encoding ability, but also covers 4K content ecological construction based on its own core algorithm, baseband IP solution, DVB platform in 4K/8K era, new generation head-end platform of Broadcast and TV Center, new generation management system and some other market-leading black technology content, which made a deep impression on participants.

At the same time, the emergency broadcast platform still maintained a high level of industry by building a real platform system and using data to achieve interaction, which shows the application advantages of simple, fast and intuitive visualization. Also Sumavision’s Omni Media Cloud platform showed a strong ability and performed well, which includes IP video platform, convergent transcoding, convergent CDN, multimedia releasing, Launcher MS and cloud video platform and so on. And then, 5G&AI zone displayed the 5G portable professional encoder, completed encoding/decoding test and AI video super-resolution technology under CCTV 5G condition with good response. Besides that, some hard core content such as national security, intelligent gateway/terminal, CDR, and coaxial all-IP network transformation were also widely appreciated in Sumavision’s booth. Based on above part, Sumavision (Stock Code: 300079) presented a feast of tradition and future, technology and application in the 27th CCBN expo.

The year 2019 is a key year for China's radio and television industry which has entered into a new stage and got some achievements such as accelerated convergent development, the transformation and comprehensive of the smart radio and television. CCBN 2019 aims to promote the innovation and the application of the radio and television technology. Sumavision (Stock Code: 300079) will keep developing technology to contribute to the prosperity of China's radio and television industry.

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