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Sumavision’s DRM technology boosts the 4K UHD video development

Time : 2019-08-15Source : 数码科技

Sumavision (stock code: 300079) is the first company to be certified by ChinaDRM Lab. Also, it is still one of the few providers in China that can provide digital content encryption technology, digital content watermarking technology, and digital content transmission link protection technology. In 2018, the DRM system for copyright protection of 4K and other content has successively landed provincial-level broadcasting and TV operators such as Tianjin Network and Northern United Network. Sumavision also has in-depth discussions on digital copyright commercial cooperation with international high-end content providers such as Hollywood and Fox, and overseas operators such as the Philippines, and will continue to protect the ecological environment of the active UHD video industry.

DRM provides effective protection for digital UHD video content, encourages the production of 4K/8K content with high production cost and scarcity in the market, and helps the UHD video industry to expand the space and promote the healthy growth of UHD video industry chain ecosystem. In the future, with the popularization of UHD live channels and the process of deploying DRM systems by operators in various provinces, digital technology will continue to help operators to obtain more 4K content and Hollywood quality sources, and further enhance the market competitiveness for broadcasting and television operators in the UHD video era.

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