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Mini-OTT System for Hospitality

  • Introduction

    With the Hospitality OTT Software, you can provide the best TV entertainment services to your guests by offering HD and UHD Live TV services and Movies.

  • What’s more, this system can provide you with better cost performance and Pay-As-You-Grow capability.Besides, our on premises installation includes only one 1U universal server, which contains all important software modules, such as BO, Portal, AAA, CDN.

  • Functions

    • Live Broadcast
    • VOD
    • Catch-up
    • Time Shift
    • Social TV DRM
    • Advertisement

  • Features

    • Up to 50 live services.
    • 500 HD movies.
    • 1 Gbps streaming or 500 concurrencies.
    • Total subscribers would be up to 5,000.
    • Support expansion Pay-As-You-Grow.

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