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Launcher MS

  • Product Introduction

    Launcher is the common names of STB launcher and UI. It is designed for IPTV/OTT system to modify and change the STB’s UI. Operators can create different styles of startup desktops for customers according to festivals, themes, etc., which can promote user consumption and increase user stickiness. It is a convenient graphic page, which operators can only need to change the UI without the help of the R&D researchers. So, Launcher management system has very high value for operators.
    With the increasing content of desktop presentations and frequent changes in desktop styles, the original desktop production methods, are no longer enough to meet operational needs because of the long cycle, unintuitive, and inflexible delivery strategies. Therefore, Launcher management system have emerged. The system interface diagram is as follows: 

  • LauncherMS system is mainly composed of two parts, LauncherM and LauncherS. Among them, LauncherM includes the basic configuration, service management and user rights. And LauncherS includes all service interfaces to provide data for terminals. The system structure diagram is as follows:

  • Features

    • Time Characteristic: Under a single concurrent pressure, the system response time does not exceed 0.5 seconds.
    • Adaptability: The system has strong adaptability and can provide personalized solutions for different users' needs. Really change as needed, always guided by user needs, to meet the needs of different users to the maximum extent.
    • Scalability: According to the development of business and subscribers, we can continue to add new functions and expand and upgrade system functions.
    • System level security: The intranet core service is strictly differentiated from the external network service. By setting up a firewall to block unsecure access, the intranet device and data are secure.
    • Page access level security: Users can be assigned access rights, and users can only see pages that correspond to their permissions.
    • Functional safety: The data that the user operates in the system needs to be reviewed before it can be released. Adding audits from business processes, to a certain extent, ensures the security of the functions.
    • Access data security: In the system, you can add zone restrictions to the data, that is, users can only access data for certain zones.

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