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BCA2018|Capture the future with innovation

Time : 2018-06-20Source : 数码科技

Sumavision, Sumavision technology group (hereinafter referred to as: Sumavision 300079 SZ) with solutions as 4 k/HEVC, OTT&IPTV, FTTH&R – CCAP and so on, at 2018 BCA (Singapore radio show in Asia), fully display the new video service solution of digital technology, to share the successful practice of digital transformation of broadcasting and TV and explore the future of video technology.

Singapore Asia radio show BCA (BroadcastAsia) will be held at suntec city convention and exhibition center on June 26, 2018, is Asia's largest and most comprehensive broadcasting and TV show, to provide a sharing platform of professional audio, film, digital multimedia and broadcast video technology for the global exhibitors ,and lead the trend of innovation in the digital age.

As an excellent global video service provider, Sumavision focuses on the independent research of products and development of video advanced technology. With the development of video technology day by day, the current field of video is transitioning from HD to 4K, the entire 4K industry layout has been completed ahead of schedule by Sumavision, and made breakthrough progress in 4K core codec algorithm, embedded 4K professional equipment, 4K, 4K video AI intelligent terminals, complete with live 4K of real end-to-end full video solutions, the 4K solution presented at the BCA booth is one of the digital division's innovative businesses.

Under the national "the belt and road" strategy, Sumavision positively response to national policy, respectively, cooperate with the local operators in-depth in central Asia, South Asia, southeast Asia, Africa, South America, steps into the rapid development of globalization. Along the silk road comprehensive, Sumavision layout of network and video integrated solutions since 2014, introduces the ultra low delay encoding technology, high integration, video processing equipment, intelligent video cloud platform technology into products such as Singapore, the United States, Russia, France and so on more than 110 countries and regions in the world, serves more than 1 billion users around the globe.

2018 Russia World Cup is in full swing. As the exclusive digital technology to be included in the world cup forward broadcast integration project, Sumavision will work with CCTV to perform the visual feast of football for hundreds of millions of Chinese fans. This World Cup live service is a sublimation of Sumavision "One Belt And One Road" strategic layout, based on which better radiation and coverage will be provided to surrounding countries along the route.

Based on the excellent service and strong technical strength, Sumavision will continue to firmly under the "One Belt And One Road " strategy, continue to adhere to independent innovation, to master the core technology, comprehensive power video industry, make video technology to get faster, better and more extensive development and application, users will see more stable, clearer and richer video content, promote the rapid development of the global video industry, and capture the future with innovation!

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