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Convergence India 2017 Sumavision Attracting Your Eyes

Time : 2018-01-29Source : 数码科技
  • Convergence India 2017 was successfully held in New Delhi, India from February 8 to 10, 2017. The world's leading provider of digital TV solutions - Sumavision brings the latest products and solutions to the 25th India International Communications Exposition.

  • Convergence India is an exhibition supported by the Ministry of Telecommunications, Ministry of Information Technology, Ministry of Broadcasting and Information, which has been successfully held since 1993. With this exhibition enhance the influence in the industry, attracting more and more attention of international trade. At present, Convergence India has become the largest communication exhibition in South Asia. With the rapid development of communication technology, the products of many famous international companies are also focusing on the new technologies of ICT, such as 3G, optical communication products, WiMAX, IPTV, digital cable, VoIP and video telephone services.

  • In this exhibition, Sumavision is still embrace the theme of the Digital Video and Audio Solution Provider (digital TV providers) in the exhibition, using the most complete program and the most sensitive business capabilities and more professional and better services to customers, to meet Customer demand, customer interests as the core to achieve common development of enterprises and customers.

  • In this exhibition, Sumavision shows the ETV3.0 digital TV front-end hardware and a variety of cards, 4K / HEVC, OMC, large data, cable TV broadband network products R-CMTS, and intelligent living room core equipment such as home gateway and other product solutions. These solutions are based on open, integrated architecture design, with end-to-end full-media, full service support capabilities, from all over the operators and integrators of widespread concern. Sumavision received a number of industry customers from India, Bangladesh and other Asian countries and regions during the show, and had full technical explanation and demand communication with customers. All customers have unanimously approved Sumavision's products and solutions and have expressed their willingness to cooperate with Sumavision.

  • "Digital India" is Indian national plan under implementation now. The goal of the Digital India program is to provide 250,000 villages with networks by 2019and to digitize key services such as healthcare, education and social welfare through the "information superhighway", while at the same time creating more than 100 million jobs. With 17 years of technological innovation and independent research and development, Sumavision has the capability to provide total solutions from the front end to the end of digital TV. Up to now, Sumavision has provided professional services to more than 110 countries and regions in the world. With steady growth in overseas sales, the company has established offices in the United States, Russia, Brazil, India, Poland, the Philippines, Taiwan and other places. 8 large marketing center, a total of 39 offices. Sumavision will continue to participate in the process of digitalization in India with the continuous improvement of its solutions and leading innovation ability, with the aim of "letting everyone enjoy the digital life". In this way, Sumavision will continue to make efforts to realize"Digital India" Digital Life "business vision, together with partners to build the industrial ecosystem, to build" Digital India "

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